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One can only make money online, if he or she is dedicated enough. Trust me! its something more than a part time job!

Now, coming towards Dailymotion, it has become one of the biggest (video sharing service) online after Youtube. Just when Youtube started to get banned in many parts of the world, Dailymotion came out of no where to. Other than that, getting youtube’s monetization approval has always been a headache for many people, specially in the countries like India, Pakistan, Philippines, etc.

Well, you don’t have to worry a lot because Dailymotion works in almost a similar fashion as Youtube, but it has its own monetization program.

You can earn money from Dailymotion by 2 different ways, namely:Share the content to read complete Dailymotion Step by Step Method:Official Partner (Earn from Pay per impressions)OpenVoD (Earn from Pay per View)Must Read

Dailymotion has got a page rank of 8 & Alexa ranking of 83, which makes it one of the most reliable and trusted online video sharing websites on the net. One can easily open an account on Dailymotion with the help of “Join Now” button and by sharing some details on it.  1) Dailymotion Official Partner Program:

In this method, you can earn money from number of impressions generated on your videos. As much as 70% of income will be yours and the rest of 30% will be taken by Dailymotion from an advertiser’s campaign.

2) Dailymotion OpenVOD Account:OpenVOD is a different type of Dailymotion earning program, where you can start selling your videos as Pay Per View / Pay per Sale, just like UDemy! It also has lots of premium features like advance reports, live streaming, etcHow to Apply Dailymotion Partner / OpenVOD Programs?

If you wanna make money through an official partner’s program of Dailymotion, simply, click Become Official Partner or Become OpenVOD member. Now, login to your existing account and just fill up the signup form. That’s all you have to do!Note: It normally has a tradition of giving approvals with in few hours time!

How to Make Money with Dailymotion

If you’ve got unique videos & want to share it with public online, there is no best place other than Dailymotion after Youtube. You can use Dailymotion Mass Video Uploader PC software that help you to upload multiple videos quickly, without even visiting the website.Note: Your video content should also be up to the mark in accordance with the standards of Dailymotion.Recommended Video formats:I recommend you to create / upload videos with following parameters:Video Format: mp4 (H264), mov, wmv, avi, mkvVideo Resolution: 640×480, 1280×720 ou 1920×1080 or greaterSpeed: 25 images per secondNote: If you upload videos via MassUploader, don’t forget to flag videos as private, until you activate them for Pay per View.How to Setup Pay per View Offers?
After uploading, click Edit Button over video.
From sidebar, click Pay per view
Fill the Price, Available for and Free Preview Duration fields, then save.

I have combined above 3 different steps into a single image.How to Get Traffic on Videos to Make Money

Let’s suppose, you’ve got Publisher or OpenVOD account, the next question that comes to our mind is how you will get traffic on those videos?

Let me tell you some methods:1) Videos SEO:

Just like Youtube, you need to write unique Title and Description with relevant Tags, categories and create good backlinks. Chances are that people will be able to find your videos very easily through search engines. Also note that, Dailymotion videos gets ranked very easily because of its high PR and alexa. 2) Social Media:

We have already covered the topic of “How to get traffic on your videos through social media”

Check it out:3) Website:

If you’ve got a lovely looking website with lots of visitors on it, you just need to embed your dailymotion videos over there.Note: The below mentioned method of earning from Dailymotion is a bit different because the main purpose of this method is to bring traffic on your website or a blog through videos.How To get Traffic from Dailymotion on your website:

Trust me, Daily motion can give huge amount of traffic on your website. You just need to make at least one video of every article that you write on your blog and place the link of your post with in the description. Simply, make an introductory video by telling few things in it and invite people to visit your website link to know the rest.Important FAQs That You Must KnowWhat kind of videos you should make?

Your videos should be useful, interesting and of good quality. Besides that, try to do something spic and span.TIP: Install DailymotionPublisher Extension on your chrome browser, so that you can share your stuff with one click.What else?

You can also track all your Dailymotion videos by using Google Analytics id.Alert: Its not like Youtube, that you need to wait for days to get your account approved.

Dailymotion appreciates if, you’ve got HD videos in your account and you have mentioned your blogs name during the approval process.Why you should try Dailymotion’s monetization program on your website or a blog?

If you are having a blog and earning from Google Adsense on it, you also need to open a dailymotion account, to increase your income. Simply, share quality content with people and make fair amount of money!Check out some of the main advantages of Dailymotion:
It takes very small time to upload videos in comparison with writing articles.
Get Free traffic on your website!TIP: You can also get free traffic from Facebook groupsHow will you get paid from Dailymotion?

You will get paid through Paypal or Payoneer, if Paypal is banned in your country.

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