Confusion Over Payment Due Date

I received some fan mail today from HL Solicitors. They are responsible for collecting my debt to Virgin Mobile who I currently have a complaint against regarding the personal data they are providing to my credit report.

For some reason HL Legal said that I had failed to adhere to the payment arrangement on the account. Odd because I thought payments to this particular debt were due on the 6th of the month. For some reason they had the 28th and their letter to me was dated the 31st.

Picking up the phone

As usual I got straight on the phone to find out why they said such hurtful things. For example they said they may issue legal proceedings against me, and that if they obtained a judgment they would enforce it by issuing a warrant of execution. This means that a court bailiff could seize and then sell my goods to the value of the debt which currently is £488.04.

They also threatened an Attachment of Earnings Order which means my employer would make deductions from my wages. They then finally demanded payment be made (which it has, today as I thought it was the due on the 6th).

Well I explained the situation and now it is sorted. All going well Virgin Mobile will be writing off this debt due to their shoddy practices with the data provided on my credit report. That’s what I will be asking them to do anyway by way of apology.

The letter had no reference to any of the Debt Help charities on there which I thought wasn’t very good to be honest. Someone who doesn’t know about these debt help organisations might feel pressured into paying off the whole debt when they can’t afford it, especially when the debt collector threatens a county court judgement. This can seem scary to some and I know back in the day it scared me. Not now though of course.Moving On

Well like I say I hope to clear this debt off soon so I doubt I will be hearing from HL Solicitors again. So far despite the mix ups they have been reasonable when I have spoken to them so at least that’s something.

Aly Chiman

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