Creator Of My Pancha Bhootas

As the famous writer Voltaire once said “Writing is the painting of voice”. Well, to start with something new(writing), I thought to start writing for her, who gave me this beautiful life. Science is the mother of all inventions, you are the mother of this small creation. I have just tried to correlate the mother-ness with the five elements of nature (Pancha Bhoota) ” Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sky (space).Someone who loves us wholeheartedly. Someone who is the inventor, discoverer, creator of us. Throughout the world all moms have same fidelity.A live goddess in everyone’s life. Someone who continues the Humanism.Have jotted down few words to describe a minimal percentage of her givings. And it goes like ……….Incredible, Unrepeatable & Incomparable An unwrapped gift As you exist I persis Your love is compassion Full of devotion As pure as FIRE Fulfilling my desire Of all the rest Making me feel the best An unconditional car Which I feel all around in the AIR Friend, adviser, chef and teacher Showing various forms as of WATER I owe you much as SKY Which the whole world can not buy For me you are the bountiful resource as EARTH During the times even I am trapped by dearth I promise to be of little worth THANK YOU for giving me THE BIRTH 

Khushboo Thakur

No more a human, just a HUWOMAN. Ex-servant of private sector.

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