Cuisinart FP 14DCN Elite 2.0 14-Cup Review

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The Cuisinart FP 14DCN Elite is a powertool! It is one of the best performing food processors among the many. This Machine can be used to chop and dice you favorite foods and veggies to the size you want them in seconds. Making a stock and need a mirepoix? No problem this powerful machine will dice the ingredients up in seconds. Compared to other food processors, the Cuisinart FP 14DCN Elite chops food more evenly. It even comes with a storage case.

How does the Cuisinart FP 14DCN Elite perform?I look for food processors with sharp blades that can easily cut through foods. This powerful machine is able to process a variety of foods from root vegetables to pounds of meat. The processors blade sharpness gives food a clean cut. The Cuisinart Elite has less spills and leaks than most of its competitors. Making salad dressings and soups has never been so easy. The motor on this beast is top notch. The machine is amazingly quiet in spite of having such a powerful motor. Purchase the The Cuisinart FP 14DCN Elite if you want to knead batches of pizza dough, pasta, or a pate. This machine does it all without resistance.Large Chute with 14 Cup Capacity

The large chute accompanied with the 14 cup holding capacity makes the Cuisinart DFD-14 Cup Food Processor great for larger food items. With the large cup capacity you are able to make large batches of soups and sauces. The Cuisinart food processor come with a large and small pusher. I have made New England clam chowder with the. It is my favorite soup and it beats canned soup. This device did a marvelous job in a fraction of the time it would have taken had I not used this device. If you are a pet owner and prefer clean healthy eating for your animal this chopping and slicing device will measure up.Extremly Quiet Powerful Motor with a Variety of Blades

If you are a pet owner and prefer clean healthy eating for your animal this chopping and slicing device will measure up.  The machine allows you to make homemade nut butters. As mentioned before it can make purees and soups. In addition, It will slice a block of cheese in less than 30 seconds.  The Cuisinart food processor comes with a plastic dough blade for kneading.  It also comes with a stainless steel shredding blade, a slicing blade, and large chopping and mixing blades. The blades the device comes with more than satisfy my needs.The blades are even adjustable unlike previous models. No need to order extra blades.****With the Cuisinart food processor I noticed a save money when purchasing cheese. I now buy cheese by the block( which is less expensive) and shred it myself. ****Also shredded cheese is extra processed. Manufacturers coat shredded cheese. I imagine for preserving purposes.Features

The Cuisinart FP-14DCN has very cool LED back lights on the controls giving it a modern touch.It has a patented SealTight advantage system which seals in bowls and locks in blades so that you can pulse and process with no spills.The chopping blade locks itself in unlike other blades that easily slide off the shaft. This blade stays put which is very convenient when you need to pour the contents in the mixer into a serving bowl.It is BPA Free.It comes with a wide-mouth feeding tube, stainless steel chopping(small and large)/mixing blades(for dough)and a reversible shredding blade and adjustable slicing disk.It has a retractable cord and a storage case for the blades.It also has a dough control feature.Would I buy the Cuisinart ” DFD-14BCN Elite 2.0 14 Cup Food Processor?

Yes! I enjoy the convenience the Cuisinart -FP-14DCN 14 Cup Food Processor lends. I am able to chop things like onions, green peppers and other vegetables in advance and store them for the week. It is easy to clean and I personally enjoy the safety features. I don’t use this powerful machine often because I use the Cuisinart DLC-ABC MiniPrep Plus more for smaller jobs.Share this:RelatedPublished by ddragon32
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