Destiny 2 : The Release Date, News, Features and Everything You Need to Know

Hereafter a great deal of anticipation, Bungie has announced Destiny 2. It is a video game. The game launches on September 8 for Xbox one, PS4 and for PC. First, this game was announced on May, 18.This game will also have a season pass which is called the Expansion pass. The limited edition comes with the game, a steel book case, the expansion pass and various physical and digital bonuses. Destiny 2 will feature PS4 exclusively for a limited at 2018. This game is officially on its way. The original game has enjoyed great popularity.  The release date of this game is not confirmed yet but it is leaked by the Italian website September 8 will be the big launch day.

One of the biggest questions on everyone lip related to this game is whether will come on PC. The original destiny arrived on Xbox one, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 but skip PC.  But most of the people want this game on PC.

Nowadays most of the guys at Bungie are working on the game full-time. The majority of the team actually focused on creating this game. The original game was released in September 2014.Features Which are Requested by the Fans:

A fully fleshed out story

Better hub areas

Greater character progression and customization

Actually being able to fly your ship

These are actually the features which fans of this game demand.  There are also so many trailers of this game available on google you can watch them.

This game is also coming on the PC for the first time.Confirmed Features of the Game:

A cinematic story

Lots of expansionCharacter continuity with the first game

More accessible for casual players

D2 is totally a different game.  The shattered sun was a completely new game that was released in September 2016. Playing with other people is a big part of destiny.Some Rumours:

The name of destiny 2 e.g. the facts it stars Osiris as the main character.Bungie could change any or all of these aspects before 2017 when the game is expected to launch. These are the rumours.

This time this game designs the interesting missions and more stuff to do. Hope so you guys are excited for the game and enjoy the features, missions and new weapons of this game.

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