DEWALT DWFP12232 Stapler Review

Customer reviews: (4.5 / 5)

The DEWALT DWFP12232 is an air pressure powered staple gun that delivers high performance even on tough projects. Its lightweight, functional design guarantees you excellent quality stapling without leaving you exhausted or nursing painful blisters.

The stapler is available in the price range of between $90 to $100 when you order online. It is marketed and sold as a kit as your shipping package will include standard staples to get you on your way as well as a 1/4 inch fitting and a handy carrying case. WHO WOULD BUY THE DEWALT DWFP12232

With its combination of high performance features and compact lightweight design, this is a power tool with a wide range of applications. The narrow crown stapler will come in handy whether you are working on the occasional repair job on a staircase or a full-fledged cabinet construction job. As it is capable of working with such versatile 1 and 1/2 inch staples, you will find its suitability on different projects perfect. It is an air pressure staple gun you cannot afford to take away from your workshop’s collection.GET THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS

As an air-powered staple gun, the DEWALT DWFP12232 is the perfect compromise between a manually operated stapler and an electric one. You do not need to use main force required to make the former work and you get the convenience of working wherever your project is without lugging cantankerous power cables with you. With the DWFP12232, it is as simple as it gets. You just take the stapler out of the box, load the staples, adjust the pressure on the air compressor and begin working away. The gun gets the staples firmly in place with irrepressible ease.ROBUST PERFORMANCE DESPITE COMPACT SIZE AND LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN

It is rare, if not outright unprecedented, to get a stapler that delivers such performance as the DWFP12232 by DEWALT but which only weighs five pounds in total. Even if you are working on a work intensive project, you will have no trouble at all lugging this staple gun with you for hours on end. But its ergonomics do not end with weight alone. If you are working in a particularly dusty environment, you can easily adjust the exhaust channels in a 360-degree manner so that, regardless of the way in which you hold the stapler, there will be no dust and debris getting in your way.DEWALT DWFP12232 FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS

1. Tool-free depth-of-drive adjustment including detents which allow for intuitive setting of staples

2. Capable of driving 18 GA. staples with 1/4 inch crown ranging from from 1/2 inch to 1 and 1/2 inch in length

3. 70 to 120psi operating pressure

4. Rear exhaust design

5. Textured and padded anti-slip comfort grip

6. Sequential fire firing modePROS

The DEWALT DWFP12232 narrow crown stapler gun is constructed from top grade magnesium for lightweight performance and durability. You will enjoy carrying it with you and if you are a handyman, it will hardly add any weight to your toolbox.

The stapler is also sold with DEWALT’s comprehensive warranty guarantee which includes 3 year limited manufacturer’s warranty, 1 year service contract as well as a 90-day money back guarantee for any factory floor defects. For a stapler gun that requires no oiling or other forms of perfunctory maintenance, you can hardly get a better deal elsewhere. CONS

Some users of the DEWALT DWFP12232 have complained that it tends to shoot two staples at-a-go on occasion. This can actually happen but only under a couple of circumstances. One is if the pressure settings are too high or the staples used are not standard. If you use the right quality and standard staples and adjust the pressure gun’s settings appropriately, this malfunction should not cause you the least bit of worry.CUSTOMER REVIEWS AND SCORES

At the point of publishing this review, the DEWALT DWFP12232 stapler had received a total of 20 reviews on, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. It is a hallmark of the quality of design used by DEWALT that only one of the reviews posted can be said to be critical. Moreover, the customer was dissatisfied by some fault in the shipping process, not the quality or performance of the stapler. The rest of the customers either gave the product an unequivocal 5 star rating (12 of the 20) or a highly complementary 4 stars (7 of the 20 customers).


The is certainly a stunning stapler which delivers irrepressible performance without tiring you out with unnecessary bulk. As it is an air-powered stapler gun, you do not need to keep working a stiff lever with main force to get the job done. Just as well, you do not have to work with electricity cables which inevitably get in the way and pose an accident risk. It is a staple gun which will deliver for both home DIY enthusiasts as well as commercial artisans. To attest to the excellent quality of the gun, order yours today and enjoy a limited time discount as well as free shipping.

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