DingDong from LingLong works Much like Amazon’s Echo

Amazon’s Echo Device rolled out in 2014 but Chinese Ling long engineers since then were already working on that device, its not a copy of Echo. Though Ling Long Marketing manager had admitted Echo’s Launch sure influenced some of their decision making criteria. Echo do not support Chinese language but Ling Long has that capability and is also able to understand both Cantonese and Mandarin but not on same device with reason to be its engine language complexity.

Ding Dong has price tag of 118 USD and has all features where it provides answers, audiobooks, manages schedules and play music much like Amazon’s Echo and is also operated in same way.

There is an expected 22 Billion USD  business  per year just as it gets near 2018 this estimation is supported by some analysts , under such growth it has clear chance to win over its competition Google , Amazon who expect their smart speaker’s to be used and seen in hands of billion people in China, DingDong may give them a big setback.

Commands features are also similar in order to boot and wake device these voice commands are used DingDong DingDong, Xiaowei Xiaowei, or BaiLing BaiLing.  As its awake now it will be performing same things that Echo does. It lacks support from developers but yet still costumers mainly use it to play their favorite song out of 3 million songs from library.

Device is limited yet but in coming time or days Company hopes to involve third party developers to enhance its capacity and create something far better than Echo.


Aly Chiman

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