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The best espresso machines cater to all coffee drinkers. They’re durable, reliable, and produce delicious results every time.
Espresso machines brew everyone’s favorite drink by using various concepts of pressure. In conventional situations, water is forced through an opening, where it interacts with ground coffee beans. The presence of a filter allows for a thick, fine solution whose concentration depends on the volume of water used.
There are various espresso machines for making a range of drinks across the board, regardless of whether you are using the machine for personal or commercial applications.
You could make a latte, a macchiato, a cappuccino or a straight espresso with the range of machines in the market. Over the years, coffee brewing has become a full-fledged industry, with the rise of automatic machines suitable for business enterprises and small, portable designs that work with those who lead a nomadic existence.
We discuss the different types of home espresso machines available and list the top models across each of the major price brackets.
What is the Best espresso machine for home?
Super-automatic vs pod vs semi-automatic
A super automatic machine is basically what it sounds like ” a completely automated coffee machine. It will grind the coffee on its own, leaving fine granules at the end. Afterwards, it carries out the extraction process and some models even go as far as frothing the milk. A single touch of a button activates the whole coffee-making process without any need for additional instructions.
Semi-automatic types are popular in your average coffee shop. These espresso machines require a separate coffee grinder. The process is manual and mostly initiated by an experienced barista. Afterwards, the drink is mixed in a machine, with water, coffee and milk matching your preferred ratio. Semi-automatic machines brew to the highest quality possible, producing espresso suitable for even the fussiest coffee aficionado.
Pod espresso machines are a relatively modern entrant into the scene. With a pod machine, the beans come grounded, helping the user to make delicious coffee in seconds. No tamping is required either. Just pack an air-tight pod into the machine, and your favourite coffee blend is ready to drink less than a minute later.
Volumetric vs manual
Volumetric machines brew the amount of coffee preferred by the user and automatically stop when the volumes is reached. On the other hand, manual machines require their owner to manually switch off when the amount of coffee brewed is considered enough.
Best Espresso Machine under $1000
DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso Review
The double boiler system ensures that coffee, espresso, and milk will always be at the optimal temperature, while the advanced “cappuccino” frother offers you the creamiest latte or cappuccino. There is also a warming tray to heat your cups so there at the best temperature each time.
Since the DeLonghi ESAM3300 machine includes a double boiler system, they are perfect for making several espressos without having to wait in between preparing drinks. The advantage here is that boiler tasks are shared and you will save a lot of time waiting for water to boil.
DeLonghi designed a direct-to-brew system that is very easy to clean, each and every time. You can actually pull apart the brew mechanism and clean it separately. Also included is a low-purr grinder that delivers a perfectly ground coffee bean each time.
The quality of the shot produced is arguably the best on the market, so good that many experts rate the DeLonghi ESAM 33200 as the best espresso machine for under $1000.
Best Espresso Machine under $500
Breville BES840XL Review
Lauded for the great shot it produces, the Breville BES840XL device comes with a filtration system which removes the impurities that compromise the quality of the espresso brewed. It also features advanced volumetric controls that allows the owner to programme their preferred amount of coffee in each serving. For those owners who prefer more control over the brewing process, the automated system can be overridden allowing full manual control. Breville’s thermo coil controls ensure that water temperatures stay regulated for a great tasting espresso every time.
Breville BES840XL buyers have highly rated the stainless steel construction which not only looks great, but allows the machine to stand the test of time. Owners of this popular sub $500 have commented on the quality of the espresso shot produced.
The Breville BES840XL is notoriously consistent maintaining a stable temperature during each brew, a factor aided by it’s programmable controls.
Best espresso machine under $200
DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker
One of the more popular features of this machine is its stainless steel casing, which allows for a long period of use. It also features a unique cappuccino frother while role is to enhance the quality of the brew produced. DeLonghi also comes with a pump pressure of up to 15 bars, a provision that further boosts the coffee making process, with the final product being very balanced in terms of constitution. On average, this particular machine takes 15 seconds to whip out a brew.
Amazon features a number of reviews regarding this particular machine. While some buyers have complained that it sounds quite loud when brewing, it’s considered the best espresso machine under $200 available. DeLonghi has a self-priming operation mechanism, which implies that as the user, you do not have to sit around waiting for components to hit the right temperatures to get your drink simmering. To create drinks that go with a certain range of temperatures, all you need to do is place two cups in the warming tray. By the time the drink is primed, these cups are ready, adding their temperature on to what the mixture already has.

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