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A Word of Caution Before We Begin
Boys. Men. Guys…. You should probably stop reading now. The rest of this post is dedicated to women and to women only. Read on if your curious eyes must (or if you’re super sweet and want to make some of these for your lady)… but I’m warning you, it might not be pleasant 🙂

What is a Padsicle Anyways?
Padsicle: A Cross between a feminine pad and an ice pack AKA the best thing since sliced bread and your very best friend after giving birth! I don’t care if … [Read more…]

All-Natural Makeup that has good coverage and lasts all day is hard to come by! And nit-picking through “natural” ingredients can be a pain! I get so frustrated when a company claims to be “all-natural” yet their foundation contains itchy, skin irritating bismuth or the vague “fragrance.” After searching for awhile, I think I’ve finally found my perfect, truly natural makeup!

I posted not too long ago about my All Natural Hair Care Solutions, and I had a few people message me about the makeup … [Read more…]

I’ve had a loooong journey in my quest towards all-natural hair health. Let me just say…not an easy task! Reaching hair nirvana without resorting to chemicals or paying an arm and a leg takes work and lots of dedication!

I have medium length white-blonde hair. Yes, this is my natural, God-given hair color. I’ve never colored or bleached it in my life (unless you count the time I colored the ends with a neon pink highlighter when I got bored in high-school Algebra class and it wouldn’t wash … [Read more…]

I ran out of deodorant this week. Eek. Can’t believe I admitted that on the World Wide Web. Truth is, I’ve been searching and searching for the perfect all-natural deodorant, but haven’t been able to find one, and in the mean time, I ran out of the one I had! I tried Toms of Maine, but then found out that it leaves icky stains on my T-shirts after they’re washed. Still trying to get those suckers out. 🙁 And I really don’t want to waste my money on another product that either doesn’t work, ruins … [Read more…]

I have a confession. I HATE to wash my face. Really, I do. Once, when I was in middle school, a classmate told me that each day you don’t wash your face before bed it adds 10 days to the look of your skin. Who knows where the heck she got that. I doubt if its true at all, but nevertheless it’s stuck with me all these years. It at least makes me think twice about going to bed with makeup on 🙂
The Moisturizing, Anti-Aging Facial Wash
I recently found this great DIY recipe for a face wash with … [Read more…]

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