DIY Smart Saw – A Wood CNC machine

One of my latest hobbies is 3D printing. I own 5 and built them all from kits – you can build a several thousand dollar printer in a weekend (or less) for a few hundred. Building a printer yourself helps you better understand how the system works, where the potential problems are and how to achieve better results.
The same applies with a CNC machine.

You’ll read on the Internet from some people who are skeptical of this. But, as someone who’s built similar machines, it all seemed like a natural next step. Let’s take a look

What is a CNC machine?

Computer numerical control (CNC) is simply having a tool controlled by a computer instead of controlling it by hand. The advantage is that you, as a woodworker, don’t need to be an artistic master to produce amazingly sculpted pieces and even fine details every time. Imagine how much time you’d save and how far you could elevate your work if you could produce intricate carvings and individual parts effortlessly and without any advanced skill. You don’t even have to be there while the machine is running – like Ron Popeil used to say, “Set it and forget it.”

What included in the program?

In the DIY Smart Saw program you’ll get detailed, step-by-step instructions for building your own Smart Saw with components widely available either locally or on the Internet. The plans are easy to follow. I’ve assembled similar devices from untranslated Chinese instructions (I don’t speak Chinese) so, by comparison, the Smart Saw plans are simplistic. The saw requires you to use software to run the machine and that does take a few tries to get everything dialed in correctly. It helps if you have a basic knowledge of CAD software but you can learn everything you need in an afternoon. There are several websites which feature downloadable content for you to build – you literally just load the object in the software and press “run”. Once you have a few hours practice you’ll see how simple everything is.

The final product will still require sanding and some cleanup but using a Smart Saw will save you a LOT of time. The machine can often run 10-20 times faster than you can by hand, especially when dealing with intricate cuts.

This is what the Smart Saw will look like when you’re done.

Can you really build it for around $100?

No. Not in my experience. But a similar, prefabricated CNC machine will easily cost thousands and it can’t handle the same size projects. In my opinion, sourcing new parts from Amazon, you can build the Smart Saw for under $500 – lower if you find sales.

What can you build?

Literally anything, even overlapping designs can be achieved if you tweak the system a bit. Take a look:
Is there a guarantee?

You get the standard full refund within 60 days from date of purchase.

Bottom Line

I highly recommend the Smart Saw. Comparable store-bought systems will cost thousands – even ten of thousands – of dollars. This product, and a little work on your part, will introduce you to high quality, detailed CNC sculpting at an affordable price.

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