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Hello everyone and welcome back to my radio Today we have to discuss is How to care for the skin during the transition from winter to spring Because spring is coming Plus winter because the relationship between your skin a little dried or even allergies Especially if you are American or European countries live in We’re in quite a big change in the weather So I tell you my little secret of how to care for your skin In my many years of experience, Many of the guests are very worried about the skin from winter to spring transition period Especially if you live in the United States or a European country Super cold winter weather Then spring became warmer Then the worst is no way to recall our skin normal skin.My tips would be to use skin care oils Skin oils in this case the effect will be even better than your essence And in a short time to be able to normalize the skin Today I want to introduce three different skin care oils From the top lady cards, department store brand products to parity Then we’ll do a skin test oil absorption test Make the product yourself slowly absorbed over two minutes After using toilet paper in the essential oil gently in place, please write down On the toilet paper check to see how much oil appears I can not wait to want to share my conclusions This bottle of essential oil Internet is cheap brands This is what I recently found on the web is called actually organic brand I find Now a lot of them will say their products are organic stuff Unless you see the sign that there is a sticker that is called USDA organic, If there is no sticker, then this is not an official representative of this product is certified Certified USDA official That it would be more at ease The skin oils in a composition is not very able to hurt the skin Preservatives If you want to find some no chemical ingredients This brand is for you oh This bottle is included in one hundred percent of Morocco Argan oil I tried many different full-nut oil Many times they are a very strange taste This bottle is no taste Let me be a model This product is designed to be the face, feet, hands, body, hair can be used This is a 1 oz $ 11.99 bottle of this great price I now do demonstrations You can clearly see that the product is very oil After the massage your hands to generate heat and then gently pressed in the face Which parts for dry skin is very dry or your body Even your scalp can be used This is a whole aspect of skin care oils The only relatively bad place Because he is one hundred percent essential oils make the skin so it feels a little more than oil After a period of time was able to penetrate the inner layer of the skin I do not recommend people use this oily skin So if you are looking for a cheap skin care oils Bottle for all aspects of maintenance is pretty good so I can not take these ladies brand of essential oils on the body To be honest I use are more lady-based skin care products So I can not take these ladies brand of essential oils on the body So I will use this skin care oils on me I used a few times in the face, but my very small amount of oil the skin I really think the whole oil products require a longer time for him to go deep into the inner layer of skin under a skin care oil Hello this is my suggestion Under a skin care oil Is relatively new and more particularly to design Is probably the last time out I remember I was in New York’s Saks Fifth Avenue to buy I really like the way his program with the use of the product plus the price is still very reasonable.This is the essential oils to strengthen the repair of Clarins The company has done three different skin care oils I will help his site is listed below I love this oil because he is the repair function In the winter season is a good choice It is used quite special with this repair oil emulsion discharge mixed use I have to say and tell you that there are different ingredients in it plus extracted from different plants of the Because he is not one hundred percent full oil products Plus there are different ingredients in it extracted from different plants out of The most important thing is only $ 35 0.5 oz When products are combined with different essential oils when He did not feel so thick touch Compare feel refreshing I told you it When you have one hundred percent essential oils Sometimes feel quite thick They will all be absorbed Seems to kill you can see obviously clean up after Especially if you add the emulsion together with the use of the inner layer of the skin can be faster I also recommend very great importance to this brand of essential oils The next sign is Lady brand SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Oil, What’s special about it This product seems to have two things in it Here are the top skin care oils pitera This special filter inside Pitera or four times too Oh This bottle the essence of what he is to protect the skin from environmental pollution Improve dry skin Proper use of it you have to shake the product for at least 10 seconds Because you want your face skin oils plus pitera completely blend the whole together Looks like a lotion I have told you to say So, after he poured out will absorb very fast And there is a very funny taste I suggest that you use skin care oils Oh, not the perfume is faint scent I suggest that you use skin care oils Hands Massage Whether it is cheap or lady card Preferably gently pressed up Maintenance process is now more moderate very moist You see my hand this oil almost sucked Before I do not mean to be a test? This is not a real laboratory tests this is my own to do a comparison Is fun and so after I finished I found seems to be better again So I use these three 㼛 oils pull on my hand The amount is about two drops Massage into And so let it absorb for 2 minutes, Then use a toilet paper Differential pressure in the oil site You will also find apparent SKII essential oils is almost no toilet paper because the above is already fully penetrate the Because SKII skin care oils are essential oils repair plus pitera together again as better absorbed To see the effect of Clarins Good only a little oil on top of toilet paper attached When I use the cheap skincare oil when There are a lot of oil on the toilet paper These still have the feeling on my arm So I just say this is proof of relatively pure essential oils need more time to increase the penetration of the different components of essential oils absorbed faster So I found that I did wrong place Should I use oil-absorbing paper instead of toilet paper haha ​​first practice to do better next time I hope you like this little test If you have a different reaction, then it is also a message below me share with us oh Many fans told me that Spend more money to buy expensive products with cheap products really bad? My experience is this When you buy advanced skin care products You spend not only on the composition of the product in the packaging spend above For this reason it is the effect of advanced skin care products would be more faster Evaluation of the amount of the composition of products will be relatively small, under the same So it takes longer to see good results The last point is the product of an absorbent Advanced compare itself felt a little faster absorption Not every brand it but there are some things Because the advanced product more real ingredients so good absorption Care and cosmetics products ingredients inside will be relatively cheap so bad closing force is not so fast Talk about the essential oils is now part It has more advanced oil mix different component maintenance Repair of essential oils such as SKII you face six different natural oils Care +4 fold concentrated pitera, Clarins is the same situation So your money is spent on science and technology above Thank you for watching my videos Also you find this video helpful to you now the most suitable for your skin oils The best way to not just listen to me But the field to trial.You can try to open the store shelf to be tested If they have a tryout, then the best If you do not use the spot is also possible After you rub a walk and then go back and look good in the end product You then decide whether or not to Thank you for your support We’re going to the 10,000 fans Share my videos on your social sites Do not forget to subscribe to my YouTube Thank you for your support very problematic in the comments below yo See next week.SHARE

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