Facebook Camera Feature | Facebook Near to Snapchat

Facebook camera means snapping is officially the future. Facebook will launch a new feature which is similar to snap chat. Facebook is straight forward and little bit boring because the way FB always is. The future of communication does not start with your thumbs or keyboard but it start with the lens camera.

Facebook is now giving the camera the central place on smartphone for the first time from this they can encourage customers to take more pictures and edit them with the FB stickers which are also on known as digital stickers.

User will able to share the pictures privately with their friends and also add the picture to the gallery which is known as story. FB is not monetizing the new camera features yet but it will and will be selling a nearly identical format to the huge amount audience.

Facebook introduce the new camera feature which will give users more options to share the photos and also share the videos.Facebook camera feature offers the multiple varieties these are as follow:





And interactive elements which decorate the images and videos. Facebook is the world largest social media platform. The platform is also introducing Facebook stories.FB camera accessed the camera by tapping the camera icon. After tapping the camera app user can share a picture which automatically disappear after 24 hours. New feature camera adds various effects to photos and videos to share them with your friends.

This kind of feature is similar to snapchat which is widely used in nowadays. Facebook users from Canada and Brazil will be the first ones to try the new feature.More Ways to Share With the Facebook Camera:

Camera effect ( let your camera do the talking)

Stories ( show your friends what you are up to)

Direct ( easily share with exactly who you want)

We hope with the new feature Facebook camera, stories and direct it will be easier to see the world through each other eyes. And we can’t wait to see the photos and videos you create or share.Camera requirements:

The camera must be globally synchronized.

Each camera has a global shutter.

The cameras can’t overheat themselves.

The rig and cameras must be rigid.

The rigid is simple.

We addressed each of these requirements in our design.  The camera can also control and capture software and capture the storage. We hope it has same impact on you.

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