Favorite Wet N Wild Color Icon Single Eyeshadows

I find that I tend to be pretty picky with my eyeshadows, probably more than any other makeup item actually, because I like shadows that are not only pigmented but also blendable, long lasting, aren’t powdery and have minimal fall out. For this reason I tend to use higher end eyeshadows (like MAC, Urban Decay, Inglot and Benefit) that I know I can trust but  there is one brand that I trust completely that aren’t expensive at all. Wet N Wild shadows are all of the things I want in eyeshadows but also extremely cheap and affordable. My two favorite Wet N Wild Color Icon Single Eyeshadows are Brulee and Nutty, which retail for $1.99 each and I bought them on sale buy one get one free :).  Nutty

Nutty is a gorgeous champagne taupe with a shimmery, almost metallic finish. Ths color is so beautiful and gives the eyelids a gorgeous shimmer. This color singlehandedly makes doing my everyday makeup a snap because I just put it all over my lid and crease then add a highlight and I am good to go! The texture of this eyeshadow is buttery and smooth, definitely not chalky or powdery at all which makes it a dream to apply. Nutty is long lasting and with a base underneath this shadow lasts all day. If you have ever been interested in owning MAC’s Satin Taupe but haven’t wanted to shell out the money for it, this shadow is an amazing drugstore option and at $1.99 no one can complain haha. It’s the perfect shade for day or night, and can go with just about any other shadow already existing in your collection. This shadow is great for girls who want to change up their look a little or for people who are just trying to simplfy thir makeup routine.Brulee

Brulee is a cream beige shade and is the perfect matte highlight color for my skin tone. I had always heard Kandee Johnson (one of my favorite Youtube beauty Gurus) talking about using MAC’s Brule eyeshadow as a base for the eyes under your other shadows so I decided to pick up Wet N Wild Brulee as a cheaper option. The Wet N Wild shadow is slightly more pink toned where MAC’s brule is more yellow toned and it doesn’t have a sheen to it, but I like that the Wet N Wild is more neutral and completely matte. I like using this color all over the lid as a base for my more dramatic shades but also as a subtle brown and inner corner highlight, as it is very close to my skintone. Just like Nutty this shadow is buttery, creamy, pigmented and perfect for simplfying my everyday routine. This eyeshadow goes with just about any makeup look and works for just about any skintone. Definitely a must have in any collection!(Swatches from left to right: Brulee and Nutty)

What are your favorite eyeshadow brands from the drugstore?

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