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For generations, Fellowes has been a trusted brand for paper shredders. It is one of the popular brands that pop up when someone is looking for good quality paper shredders. Below are reviews of four Fellowes shredder models:

The name itself says it all. It claims to be 100% jam proof, which is every office clerk’s fantasy. This saves you endless time normally spent on rewinding the shredder and trying to remove jammed bits of paper. It also has a 16 sheet shredding capacity, considerably larger than the average shredder.

While impressive it is not actually 100% jam proof, as a small number of users remarked that the Fellowes model still did jam a couple of times, especially with large loads, resulting to the users not fully maximizing the 16 sheet capacity that this model claims to be capable of.

This model claims to be a child and pet friendly shredder that can shred for a continuous 6 minutes, before having to take a 20 minute break to prevent overheating. 6 minutes of continuous shredding is a considerable amount of shredding time, especially when other brands can only operate for as long as 2 minutes before a cooling period.

However, paper jams have been an issue for a few users with this model. One reviewer stated that its actual maximum capacity before it jams is only 4 sheets, as opposed to its claim of 10 sheets.

Still, its safety features are pretty cool. IThe shredder automatically shuts off if the top part containing the shredder is touched. This can be especially important if you have small children running around.

This is another Fellowes shredder that claims to be 100% jam proof. It can power through tough tasks with its 18-sheet capacity, saving you much-needed time. It is so heavy-duty that it can shred through staples, paper clips, and stacks of junk mail.

While few users have reported jamming, this particular model has been known to stop working when fed a large amount of paper. It can also overheat sometimes, slowing down your work.

This is a Fellowes model with some pretty big claims. It is meant to handle 11 sheets, staples and paper clips, as well as credit cards. It also claims to have a run time of five minutes before having to cool down for twenty minutes, to give you ample time to shred your documents. It also has a built in safety lock, making it safer for homes with children and pets.

A small number of users, however, remarked that this particular model is not for heavy-duty use, as they experienced broken parts after a few months of use, and after heavy work.Conclusion

So there you have it ” four of Fellowes’ models aimed to cater your shredding needs. Let’s face it, perfection is but an ideal we strive for. That is truer when it comes to paper shredders. What matters is that it meets its basic functions according to your individual needs.

Consider shopping around, browse reviews, even visit shops and try testers to be sure which is right for you. Then when you find a shredder, remain open to other options that might fit your needs better. Happy shredding!Related posts:Paper Shredder Reviews: The Best of the BunchAmazonBasics 8 Sheet Cross-cut Paper and Credit Card ShredderAmazonBasics 12 Sheet Cross-cut Paper, CD, and Credit Card ShredderAmazonBasics 12 Sheet High Security Micro Cut Paper, CD, and Credit Card Shredder with Pullout BasketFollow usSearchCategoriesDisclaimer

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