Freeze an IPhone / IPad within 3 seconds video

iOS devices are seen as best devices and they do not tend to freeze but there is a viral video prank going on web a 3 second video will freeze your IPhone IPad device. EverythingApplePro is blog about Apple devices and has shared an article that shows a 3 second video destroying your iOS Device Processes and making it freeze to point where you can’t get it in use except hard reset.

A YouTuber video shows a video played on different iOS devices all resulting into same crash of processes running in it causing it to slow down and then got it to freeze. Interesting thing about that video is that it takes time of half minute for some devices and even less than that for some other devices. The reason is not clear what causes the device to freeze but if we look at some functioning of these devices then we can get an idea but this video takes more than its required space in RAM that cause memory leakage and phone hangs.

Download  video from this link .

This bug is not only limited to new versions of iOS it goes all down to older versions of iOS, android users had reported to watch the video without any issues and this shows that maybe safari causes an issue after all its a system app and takes its process space from memory. If you ever get into such attack all you need to do is to hard reset your phone or reboot it. This Bug is not the first one to cause trouble there was a SMS bug that forced to restart an iOS device.

Apple new Updates will work on this flaw soon but this will take time to launch a patch and remove issues from it.?

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