From this Day Forward: Fight Fair (Part 2)

For those of you who read Part 1 of this series: From this Day Forward: Seek God, you may skip this first paragraph. It is the same as last week 😀The Study

Each time we meet, our LifeGroup has dinner of some sort, then we sit around and chit chat about life for too long before we start a study of some kind that will reinforce our marriages and/or our faith. The first series we went through together was a free message series that Pastor Craig from teaches about building strong marriages. It is called From This Day Forward, and I would like to share the messages with you! I think these videos are fantastic, and I truly believe that this advice can help build strong, healthy marriages, as well as help crumbling marriages pull themselves together.

So, have you worked on praying with your spouse from last week’s message? What has been your first step in seeking God as a couple?

Hubby and I had been praying over meals together and going to church together, but we needed to take it a step further. We made a commitment to start praying out loud together before bed each night. I truly believe this is making a difference in our marriage. I feel so much closer to him when we pray together. Heartfelt, sincere prayers. (Since the “meal prayers” are usually short and sweet because we’re starving haha) When we forget to pray together at night, I just don’t feel right. I miss that closeness with him. That closeness with God.

In the future, I hope we are able to set aside time to read some scripture together. Even if it only means 5 minutes each evening. Right now we’re struggling with this. When we were engaged we started a reading plan together to read through the bible in one year. We got through about August before we got “too busy” and somehow just quit reading together. And now, it’s just so hard to sit down and read, even for a short while, when we both feel like we have SO many other things to do. Especially if Little Man is still awake. When we do (miraculously) have that time, we both just want to veg out and watch TV or sit in silence. We’re working on this , I’ll let you know how it goes.Let’s see what we can learn from Part 2!From This Day Forward, Part 2: Fight FairThings to Think About:

Do you and your spouse fight fair? How can you implement some of Craig’s teaching to help you and your spouse learn to fight fair?

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