From This Day Forward: Have Fun (Part 3)

For those of you who read Part 1 of this series: From this Day Forward: Seek God, you may skip this first paragraph. It is the same as last week 😀The Study

Each time we meet, our LifeGroup has dinner of some sort, then we sit around and chit chat about life for too long before we start a study of some kind that will reinforce our marriages and/or our faith. The first series we went through together was a free message series that Pastor Craig from LifeChurch teaches about building strong marriages. It is called From This Day Forward, and I would like to share the messages with you! I think these videos are fantastic, and I truly believe that this advice can help build strong, healthy marriages, as well as help crumbling marriages pull themselves together.

So, have you been fighting fair this week?

Hubby and I have our good days and our bad days. We’ve made a pact (I guess you could say) to never go to sleep angry with each other. Truth be told, I just can’t sleep if I’m upset about something, but needless to say, we’ve had a hefty argument or two where we just didn’t sleep for a couple of nights. We would talk sensibly for awhile, raise our voices, give each other the silent treatment, the whole bit! But we didn’t go to sleep until the issue was resolved.

I won’t say we’re experts in the matter, and we certainly aren’t that couple who “argues” like they teach you how to argue in pre-marital counseling (You know, the “So what I hear you say is blah blah blah, but I feel like you mean blah blah blah”), but we have each learned a thing or two in our 7 years as a couple about fighting fair. Mostly, I think we’ve gotten (a little bit) better at being more respectful towards each other. For the most part, we’re better at giving the other spouse their turn, and truly listening to what they have to say before spewing our own opinion. Notice how I said “For the most part.” 😀 yes, we still have the occasional “I really want to just punch you in the throat” knock-down-drag-out, but they are much fewer and farther between than in The Early Days 😀Let’s see what Part 3 has for us!From This Day Forward, Part 3: Have FunThings to Think About

How do you and your spouse have fun together? Plan to spend some time face to face, side to side, AND belly button to belly button this week!

You can go HERE to download a participant guide for this series!

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