Funny Amazon Reviews: Where is Baby’s Belly Button?

” This book is completely misleading The entire plot revolves around finding Baby’s bellybutton This much is clear from the title, from the beginning However, I mean, there’s no mystery, there’s no twist Baby’s bellybutton is right where you would expect it to be, on Baby’s stomach Right? Where it shows you it is, on the cover of the book And the entire plot is a complete mess, because of this reliance on the mystery of where the bellybutton is, and everything falls apart the minute you realize it’s been there all along There is no conflict, there is no character development There is scarcely any plot! Whoever wrote this must have a complete lack of judgment, because you would have to be an infant not to know exactly where the bellybutton is! This is one of the worst pieces of literature I’ve ever read

Aly Chiman

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