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A new GameEnd release is upon us. This is a small bug-fix release. Changelog: ” Fixed crash when attempting to add metadata for certain games. ” Fix issue with navigation not being disabled in metadata page whilst network request was active. Download Here

GameEnd’s Trello board (to-do/task list/roadmap) is now publicly view-able: at Trello So you can see what we’re working on and what’s planned. Contributors can also request access to the board for editing/adding purposes. Source code is now available here: GitHub Please read the contribution guidelines. Open a pull request for any additions/changes you are making.Read more about GameEnd Source Code & Trello Board Now Publicly Available[…]

GameEnd is an Emulation & Gaming Frontend for Windows (more platforms will be supported down the line). It supports any Emulator and your PC and Steam Games too. It’s also 100% free and open source (the source code will be dropping soon (see the notes section for more info)). So, it has been a while.Read more about GameEnd v0.8 Beta Released![…]

Hey there Gaming & Emulation enthusiasts! As you may have seen previously, I’ve been working on a Gaming & Emulation Frontend called “GameEnd”. I’ve been churning away at it since then (programming), along with getting extremely valuable Graphical & Video work done from the amazing NyNy77. We’ve been making substantial progress lately and decided it wasRead more about GameEnd Progress Update[…]

It’s finally here! A video of GameEnd in action. I cannot tell you how long I have looked forward to this moment. Today I’m sharing a preview of GameEnd’s “Couch Mode”. Which is the mode you use if you’re looking to play from your Couch with your controller. Credit to our very own NyNy77 for theRead more about Preview Of GameEnd’s “Couch Mode”[…]

Today, GameEnd hit another major milestone. After completing the Emulator data file structure and hooking it into the Add Emulator Wizard, GameEnd can finally launch Roms in any configured Emulator! We also support RetroArch, so you can select your favorite RetroArch core, either per platform, per game or both. With this milestone, GameEnd has takenRead more about Emulator Games (Roms) Now Supported![…]

Whilst working on GameEnd this week, I noticed that there was a huge problem with overlaying transparent images on top of video via WinForms. After almost getting it working, via a series of convoluted workarounds, it still wasn’t good enough. After this happened, I decided enough was enough, and started work on porting the projectRead more about Moved To New Technology[…]

We hit a nice milestone today. Adding your games from Steam is now supported. To add your Games from Steam, you navigate through our “Game Importer Wizard” and enter your Steam User Id (64bit user id only). After that, GameEnd will present you with a list of your Games from Steam. You can choose toRead more about Steam Support Implemented![…]

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