Generac 6024 3,100 PSI Gas Pressure Washer Review

Pressure washers come in handy when you have to clean large areas. The Generac 6024 makes it easy for you to clean outdoor furniture, decks, sidewalks, house siding, and driveways. This is a powerful pressure washer that comes in a compact design, making storage easy. The manufacturer was one of the first companies to produce standby generators for home use. They have applied their innovative technology to come up with a unique pressure washer. It has a durable design and its features are well thought-out.

It is available for between $615 and $622.95. Generac, the manufacturer, is renowned for making quality engines and the 6024 is no different. It also comes with a warranty assuring you that you are getting quality when you make a purchase.

The product is ideal for homeowners who are looking for a machine that will simplify their outdoor furniture cleaning. It is more efficient compared to using sponges and brushes on your furniture. It will be easier to keep the exterior part of your house clean when you have a pressure washer. This is because it does not require you to put in a lot of effort compared to using a brush to scrub your deck or sidewalk. This power washer is also a good choice for businesses. Your employees can use this equipment to maintain your office exterior.

OHV Engine

The Generac 6024 has a great 212cc OVH engine. This is a horizontal-shaft engine that has a pump that is parallel with the engine, making it easy to connect the hoses. The pump and engine are well balanced over the pressure washer’s axle, allowing effortless maneuverability even when you are cleaning on uneven terrain. This engine has easy controls including a fuel shut-off, on/off switch, and choke. The power pressure is designed to shut off when the oil level is below the recommended level. This is an important feature that can help to prevent engine damage. This machine also comes with an in built unloader valve that is designed to allow simple engine startup.

Quick-Click Nozzle Tips

This pressure washer has five nozzle tips that you can easily change depending on the cleaning technique you want to use. It has a 0-degree nozzle tip designed for blasting surfaces. There is a 15-degree tip for stripping, a 25-degree nozzle tip for cleaning and a 40-degree tip for washing and soaping surfaces.

Main Features and Specifications” 74 pounds” 17 x 27 x 21 inches” Welded frame” 30 foot hose” Integrated gun holster” Axial cam pumpPros

The Generac 6024 is a sturdy pressure washer that you can easily access and move to clean outdoor furniture and external surfaces. It is well balanced and this means that you do not have to worry about tipping it over.

This pressure washer is quite powerful and it takes advantage of its five nozzles to clean a variety of surfaces. Its power makes it ideal for deep cleaning especially on tough surfaces.

Its compact designed makes it easy to store this machine away when it is not in use. You can easily winterize it by turning it off before you fill it up with some anti-freeze. Make sure you drain its hose after this. You will not have any difficulties using it after winter if you follow these steps.Cons

According to one customer, the pressure washer did not clean their outdoor furniture as expected. This is not a significant concern because the equipment comes with different nozzles designed for a variety of tasks. It is advisable to read the manual that comes with this machine carefully to make sure you are using the right nozzle, to allow you to get desired results when you clean.

At the moment, Generac 6024 has 200 customer reviews and an average score of 4 stars. This indicates that this pressure washer is a popular option among most of the reviewers.   Click here to read more customer reviews…

If you are in search of a sturdy pressure washer that cleans several surfaces, the Generac 6024 is a great choice. Its powerful engine allows you to clean tough surfaces with minimal effort. You can easily maneuver this machine to get to every corner. It is the best option for businesses and homeowners that want a versatile power washer. With all the people having the choice they surely know they made a good choice for it also makes work easier.

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