Generac 6596 2,800 PSI 196CC Gas Pressure Washer Review

The Generac 6596 happens to be a revolutionary pressure washer that can come in handy in general cleaning tasks in the residential setting. This can include cleaning your home’s decks, its sidings, patio furniture, driveways and even hosing up your automobile.

This product currently retails for approximately $280 ” $300 in most online stores such as Amazon, and comes with free shipping in the US.

The Generac 6596 pressure washer has been designed to meet the regular cleaning needs of homeowners that wish to keep their homes and surroundings to be always in immaculate condition. And can be invaluable in making a lasting impression on any guests you might entertain in your home, especially its exterior.

The following are 2 of the most fundamental features of this product.Generac 6596 : a Powerful engine

The Generac 6596 comes with a very robust and highly versatile 196cc OHV engine that offers unmatched functionality, maximum longevity and an enhanced user experience. When it comes to effectively tackling virtually all cleaning tasks within a residential setting. This engine comes with an extremely easy to use recoil starter that most of its users laud of been capable of powering it up with the just a few pulls.Effective pump

This product also features an Axial Cam pump that can go a long way in providing sufficient detergent pressure that is invaluable in any residential cleaning application. While also facilitating for maximum heat dissipation for prolonged usage. This pump is strategically positioned well above the ground, which makes it infinitely easy to effect hose connections without the user being necessitated to kneel down as most other alternatives do.

The following is a list of the Generac 6596 main features.” Powerful 196cc OHV engine.” Axial Cam pump.” Sturdy and easily maneuverable welded frame cart with integrated gun holster.” Huge and tough wheels for enhanced mobility in areas that feature rugged terrain.” Ergonomic spray gun with an easy-to “pull, inverted-fulcrum trigger that facilitates rear hose connection, minimizing fatigue with prolonged usage.” 4 easy to connect nozzle tips (0degrees, 25degrees, 45 degrees and soap applicator) ideal for a wide variety of cleaning tasks.” Onboard detergent tank that can comfortably hold 3 ” 4 gallons.” Distinctive foot rest for utmost upright stability during usage.Product specifications

” Model No. ” 6596″ Engine capacity ” 196cc” Maximum tank capacity ” 3.5 quarts” Pump type ” Axial Cam” Chemical injection ” Single detergent” Dimensions ” 59.18 X 40.64 X 102. 87 cm” Hose ” PVC/Plastic (25 foot)Pros

The Generac 6596 is designed to provide a heightened user experience and durability. With its robust welded cart frame, and potent engine this product can ensure prolonged regular usage even for the most daunting of cleaning tasks.

When gauged by the horde of features that are peculiar to itself, and what most other similar priced power washers offer, this product can naturally be a very cost effective investment.Cons

The only flaw of the Generac 6596 is the fact that it is non CARB compliant (doesn’t meet the clear air emissions standards of the State of California). This can definitely change, over time as its manufacturer attempt to alter the exhaust system of later versions of this product. This is worth waiting for if you live in California and are impressed with this machine functionality.

Some users have also raised concern over the plastic material used to fashion this product’s hose, citing that it can easily wear off with regular usage. This is a small discrepancy, and you can effortlessly outfit yours with a more durable hose if needed. All in all, this pressure washer can be just what the doctor ordered based on the plenty beneficial features it offers, which effortlessly outweigh its drawbacks.Customer reviews

According to most of the 35 customers that have reviewed this power washer on Amazon, it comprehensively delivers on the assertions its maker has put forward. This product currently holds a 4 star rating in this virtual market, which undoubtedly underscores its high quality and the viability of its utilization in a varied range of cleaning tasks. Click here to read more customer reviews…Conclusion

The Generac 6596 is clearly a one of a kind power washer and with its plethora of unique features such as powerful engine, rugged cart frame and easily accessible pump, make it a very excellent long-term investment. Not to mention the vital accessories the whole package comes with such as the 4 different nozzle tips and even a quart of engine oil that can come in handy in the regular maintenance schedule of this amazing machine. This is an insight with this respect.

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