General International StarShop 14″ bandsaw 90-140 SM1

By far, my favorite tool in the workshop. I have spent a great number of hours and will spend many more at this machine.My best research indicates that the Star Shop line was a lower priced exclusive to Rona and Reno depot chains in Canada. I ordered this through my local Rona and the retail price was $599cad. The saw is an entry level contender and pretty bare bones, no light, no fence, no brake and no automatic tensioner. It come equipped with a 1HP 10A motor which is quite capable.Blade changes are easy and the thrust bearings and guide blocks are accessible. With the common size of the blade, one can easily acquire a plethora of sizes to suit any need. Aftermarket accessories should be plentiful and a riser block is a definite consideration. Just beneath the cast iron table a 2.5″ dust collection port is found, it narrows off into a small slit near the blade, a significant amount of resistance can accumulate when using a high volume dust collector. The dust collection port does do an adequate job.Of all the machines in my possession, this is the only one I won’t consider parting with. In a market with varying sizes, qualities and tolerances, this is a more than capable entry and should provide years of service.

Aly Chiman

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