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Followers on social media don’t come easy may that be twitter, Facebook or Instagram. There are several free and paid services dedicated to offer you followers such as, Free Insta Followers, The Free Follower and iPhone apps such as, Gain Instant Followers and the likes. Your best bet when scrutinizing these applications are the user reviews but these reviews could be bought and paid for leaving you with the excruciating pain of installing an application or using the web services only to find out days later that it was all in vain. Let’s discuss some of the best practices to gain more followers on Instagram and the best application available on iTunes.
Hashtags ###
Ever since hashtags were introduced they have been considered to be “the way” to get noticed but more than that what really matters is the hashtag you are using that would interest people into getting back on your account for more?
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Well random hashtags such as #Funny, #Goth, # Friends will not get you anywhere since thousands of user may be using the same hashtags instead choose a hashtag that goes with your theme and give people an insight on your account.
Personalized Themes
Personalize a theme for your own Instagram account. The most popular accounts are based on one theme or another such as: landscape pictures, food pictures from all over the world, bizarre pictures of celebrities, travel log pictures from across the globe and a lot of adorable stuff always keep people hooked.
Be Active, get seen
Don’t be shy about liking what you find likeable while you browse through pictures and profiles on Instagram. Where it is a good way to connect with people it is also a good way to get seen on their networks which in turn converts into followers for your account.
You can start “exploring” by Photos or People options on the search tab of your Instagram and you are good to go.

Be Regular ” Never overdo it.
It’s all about how much you share with people that would keep your followers hooked and more pouring in on your account. You need to understand that you should not be over doing this; bombardment with tens of shares everyday get people irritated too so just a few quality posts every day would be the best way here.
Be Loud ” Shoutout!
Well, you have to be heard to be noticed is not something out of the books that would stop working for you on Instagram. Start giving shoutouts to others and before you know it they would be shouting back at you and on Instagram that’s anything but good.
How does it work? It draws attention to the person’s account you include in your shoutouts asking your own followers to follow them. People start noticing all the shoutouts you give others they start adding you to their shoutouts but keep in mind that you have to go through the steps we discussed earlier to start with shoutouts because you don’t want your account to be considered a spammer or marketing account.
Extend your reach, make use of other Social Networks
Reach out to your friends and family on other social networks may that be Facebook, Twitter or Myspace. You can just sync your Instagram account with the other networks you are avidly active on and viola!
The pictures that were going across Instagram would now reach out to your social networking circles across all the platforms you have synched with Instagram extending your reach by many folds hence a better chance of getting more followers.
To sync your Instagram with other social networks long in and navigate to the settings page and then select the “Linked Accounts”. Here you would find all the social networks including Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr.

Gain Followers for Instagram Application on iTunes
One of the most promising applications that almost guarantees result is the Gain Followers for Instagram Application on iTunes. Their model works in two different ways, one for the users by the users and the other for the users by the service provider which is of course a paid model.

Follows are purchased through tokens, and there are a number of ways you can earn these tokens including a purchase or going through one of the options below:
All in all a great app to get your Instagram flowing with followers, Available Here:

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