Google Nexus 6P Gets New Safety And Security

Today we’re going talk about the Nexus 6P safety and security and aswell if they have actually announced a security update for the phone. So If you look at the specifications of this phone so they are just perfect but when it comes to OS of the phone so the phone dosen’t have latest version of android update installed and people are not satisfied with that. It have been reported many times that the phone have seen different type of issues like phone getting shutdown without any reason, Battery failures and in-car Bluetooth problems.

In the recent reports on the media, A new update in march of 2017 have just been released for the Nexus 6P which is now available to install. Most of the users of this phone have actually been waiting for this update for so long because they will finally be able to get rid of all those strange problems & glitches that are happening most of the time with this phone.

However, When it comes to the updates the Nexus lineup have always been behind. However If you look at the Nexus 5X It did a great job in term of updates and on the other side the Nexus 6P is still behind and stuck on an older version. But now finally with the new security march update that have arrvied for the Nexus 6P you wont have those strange problems anymore.

According to the Android Police, The other thing that Nexus 6P owners should remember that the phone’s March Security Update will be coming via tha OTA ( Over the air method) and It is going to come in the form of the N4F26T build number. They have also fixed most of the security & other issues that were happening with this phone in this new patch. And finally It is also good to know that this update dosent take too much of space in your phone and It is only 39mb in size which you will be able to download really fast & easily even with a average or slow internet package.

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