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My GoPro Karma crashed into the side of building after losing connection. I really liked the drone but I’ve learned from my mistake. Hopefully GoPro replaces it. (Note this is my first drone with no experience before)

We rock climbed up a huge mountain and lauched the GoPro Karma Drone while we were anchored to the top of a 300ft cliff. While the wind was blowing it was very hard to fly the drone, almost crashing it into ourselves on the mountain, almost flying it into a cliff and it was all caught on film.
See how the GoPro karma actually flys in a different point of view. We hope GoPro will see this and help us out. Like this video, subscribe do whatever it takes. Lets get this video out there!!
Also check out the new gopro karma, should be killer! This drone does have so much potential.

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GoPro Karma Drone Review! We have been waiting for the new GoPro Drone and it has finally arrived. In this video, Jeff walks you through the the five best features and the five worst features of the Go Pro Karma. Getting into to the awesome features first – the cool thing with buying the GoPro drone is that you also get the Karma Grip included as well. The Karma Grip is great for stabilization – you get very smooth shots and there is no interruption from change of direction. Next up is the awesome preset shots the Karma offers – Orbit, Cable Cam, Reveal and Dronie. It also has the return to home feature + GPS. The GoPro Karma Quadcopter is also very portable and comes with a nifty backpack to store the drone, remote, Karma Grip and accessories. Another awesome feature is the GoPro Karma remote – super easy and intuitive to use. The controller has video game style joysticks and buttons and a touchscreen display – overall we really liked using the Karma remote. It’s also compatible with existing GoPros – The Karma will work with the GoPro Hero5 Black, GoPro Hero4 Black and GoPro Hero4 Silver. It was initially supposed to work with the GoPro Hero5 Session but we aren’t sure that’s still the case. On the flip side, that might also be a negative because if you don’t already have a compatible GoPro, the cost of the unit just increased $300. Battery life is disappointing coming in at around 15 minutes – we would recommend buying a second battery. We also feel the GoPro Karma is a little brittle. We can see it easily scratching or getting dinged up. The GoPro Karma is also not as responsive as the DJI Mavic Pro. Lastly, the connection with remote also seems to cut out at longer distances. Overall though, we really like this drone. It wouldn’t be a surprise if this ended up on the list for Best Drone 2017 / Best Quadcopter 2017. In this debate between DJI Mavic Pro vs GoPro Karma, the Mavic still might have a slight leg up and is probably considered the Best Consumer Level Drone 2017 / Best Drones with Camera. Of course if you wanted to spend up a little more you could always go with the DJI Phantom. Anyways, we hoped you enjoyed this GoPro Karma Review!

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GoPro Karma Falls Straight From Sky to Rocks in Santa Monica (Footage Recovered)


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So yeah it happened. Made this video after I took it about 200 feet away and it started losing signal. This video is made right after that to check whether the issue persisted. I brought it down to street level and was taking it straight when it just started moving to the right and before I tried to pull away it banged in to a telephone exchange box. Damage:- front right arm- 3 propellors- 2 front motor covers- cracked GoPro hero 5 glass cover Remote turns on and now says extend arms fully. Waiting to speak to GoPro support since they’re closed right now :((made with #spliceapp – video

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