Gotta bring your grown up toys when you travel

If you got here from my Facebook page, you will have already seen that I enjoy aerial photography (Yes this is a picture I took with the P3) as a way to get a better perspective on places I visit. Prior to getting the Phantom 3, I had never flown a quadcopter or an RC aircraft. This unit is so easy to learn and get used to that it is addicting. I can’t get enough of flying in new places and taking videos and photos. The software that is integrated with the unit is such that there is a beginner mode that will not let you go flying to far away. However, as I have gotten used to it, I have brought this out well over a half-mile away and have captured some amazing pics and video. When home, I also go out with my boy and we both get a kick out of it. You can check out all of the different options here as there are various models and options and you will need to figure on how far you want to go. I would recommend looking at various sellers and purchasing a bundle from whoever has the best ratings. I am not writing to promote any specific seller so I will refrain from commenting who I purchased mine from unless I am asked. I am just letting everyone know that a little 4 pound remote controlled quadcopter, a backpack, and an extra battery, you too can carry on this aerial photo/video platform and take it wherever you go. Have to love the grown up toys.About these ads


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