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Share withDeveloped wildflower garden in Cathair Lakes housing estate Developed wildflower garden (the BumbleBee Garden) in grounds of St James RC ChurchCorridors and Corners of Killorglin ” project to establish a Green Highway for wildlife through the more urbanised part of Killorglin. So far…

Grounds of St Michael’s have been planted with a native hedgerow of 200 whitethorn and assorted other native trees and shrubs.

Fexco has installed a native hedgerow around the perimeter of their facility on Iveragh Road.

Public Playground ” KTT & Scoil Mhuire & Kerry Co.Co. working together to turn the playground into a wildlife friendly space with lots carefully chosen plantingLeaf Mould and Mulch Project

St James Church proving Mulch (timber shredding) programme plus leaf mould – providing material for 21 raised beds in Scoil Mhuire and for the community in general.Small Bird boxes (14) have been installed in appropriate areas in the town

Men’s Shed made the boxes.Killorglin Swift Conservation Project.

13 triple cavity Schwegler Swift nesting boxes along with technology for birdcall have been installed in 5 carefully chosen sites around the town.This project continues to raise awareness of the town’s native wildlife.

Community groups ” the Parish/Ecumenical and Grow It Yourself (G.I.Y.) groups in particular, organised a number of “greening” and biodiversity activities as part of Killorglin’s Greening Communities project.

In late September 2013, Killorglin’s Parish Earth Week saw plenty of bulb and tree planting, which were the first steps towards a wild flower and bumblebee garden in the town.

A community night of reflection was held in late October 2013 and was attended by 250 parishioners. Themes focussed on were the Environment & Social Justice, e.g. “be active protectors of the world about us and of each other”.

An “Earth Walk” was organised for enthusiasts of all ages in early April 2014. The theme of this walk was water and one of the initiatives was for people to carry a 15ltr container of water to raise an awareness of water volume. It took 25 volunteers to carry it around the town!

An “Earth Walk” for teenagers was organised for September 2014 ” the topic: “coastline & consumerism, can Kerry have both?”

Under the G.I.Y. banner, activities extended to monthly meetings on home growing of vegetables & fruit, water harvesting, seed swapping and garden/orchard visits. The group makes allotments available to all who are interested the allotments are now up and running for 2 years.

The GIY group also took part in community outreach projects, all of which seek to encourage the local community to engage with the soil! Projects included the following:

Assisted local primary schools in planting and building raise beds for their gardens.

Hosted workshops discussing the joys of planting and harvesting with the Women 2000 group in Killorglin.

Assisted with planting of vegetables at the new community garden in Iveragh Park housing estate.

Ran an information stand at a Green Home Energy Awareness event.

Ran an information stand at The Flavour of Killorglin Food Festival in September 2014

GIY organised herbs and hosted an open night on talk on herbs. They also organised a pot of herbs for everyone that attended. Also information on using herbs in cooking: aim is to encourage use of local produce and home-growing vegetables

Download the print friendly project sheet here: Biodiversity


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