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Wildlife Projects.

Flora and Fauna (Natural Heritage of Coolagown)

Having been successful in completing enhancement projects throughout the village we turned our attention to creating more awareness to the needs of wildlife in the area.

Mr Cyril Saich of The National Park and Wildlife Section of Dept of Environment Heritage and Local Government on invitation visited Coolagown and addressed a meeting. He explained how we could be more aware of the flora and fauna and how to include their needs in projects throughout the village.

He also visited the local school and spoke to the children on wildlife and how they could make a difference.

As a result 16 bird boxes and 3 bath boxes which were made locally were erected. Three were erected in the school grounds. The children monitor them to determine the type of bird and their habits. Bird tables were also erected.

There is a wetland habitat at the rear of the spout on the Fermoy approach. We created shallow water ponds at both sides of the spout and a tadpole habitat has developed there over the past number of years. This has become a big attraction. The Kilmagner NS schoolchildren completed a project on the cycle of “Frog spawn to Frog”

Mr Cyril Saich did a survey on the Flora and Fauna in the area and a Heritage Council Grant was secured to erect information boards around the village.Biodiversity Audit/Plan

In 2008 with the aid of a grant from the Heritage Council a Biodiversity Audit/Plan for the Coolagown area including 11 townlands (5500 acres) was completed.

Ms Lesley Lewis was assisted by Mr Tom Gittings Ecological Consultant who specialises in woodland ecology.

This involved the survey and mapping of all habitats and features of biodiversity value within the area and the development of management proposals for these. Our biodiversity resources include woodland, hedgerows, earthbanks and ditches, grasslands and the Blackwater River, as well as the plant and animal species that occur in these wild spaces. It is these assets we wanted to identify and seek to preserve through the development of this plan.

It is in book form, easy to read and is now a great source of information.Download the print friendly project sheet here: Biodiversity

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