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Located in Istanbul Hagia sophia is one the most famed, remarkable and exceptionally beautiful place to visit. Hagia Sophia is the most appealing place that takes the heart of tourists with its attraction and glory. Constructed in 537 AD, Hagia Sophia is remarkable because of its enormous arcade. Formerly it was church that represents the byzantine architecture. Later Ottoman Empires renovate it and made it mosque. Now it has been converted to museum.

Hagia Sophia IstanbulHow to get there?Located in the inspriring city of Istanbul, Hagia Sophia is easily accessible from all city easily. The distance from Istanbul International Airport is 20km. Visitors may reach this iconic museum using Metro or Light Tram lines. Closest tram station is “Sultanahmet station”. When you get off at this station, Hagia Sophia will be only in walking distance. If you are going by yourself, it is recommended to buy tickets online in advance to avoid wait in long queues for hours.HistoryHagia Sophia, the biggest church constructed by the East Roman Empire in Istanbul, has been constructed three times in the same location. When it was first built, it was named Megale Ekklesia (Big Church); however, after the fifth century, it was referred to as the Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom). The church was the place in which rulers were crowned, and it was also the biggest operational cathedral in the city throughout the Byzantine period.Hagia Sophia was converted into a museum by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s orders and has been functioning as one since February 1, 1935, welcoming both local and foreign visitors. According to a deed dated 1936, the Hagia Sophia is registered as “Ayasofya-i Kebir Camii Şerifi on behalf of the Fatih Sultan Mehmed Foundation for maoseleum, akaret, muvakkithane and madrasah on 57 pafta, 57 island and 7th parcel.Things to do in Hagia SophiaHagia Sophia is sometime referred to as the eighth wonder of the World, the Hagia Sophia  in Sultanahmet is easily one of Istanbul’s most impressive sights and topmost tourist attractions of tourists from all around the world. An architectural wonder with rich historical association have also one of the most turbulent histories of any museum in the world. Whether you are young or old, Hagia Sophia enthrall visitors of all ages with its inspiring architecture ans scenic beauty.The dome of the Hagia Sophia Turkey is 180 feet high and 100 feet wide and was considered a revolution in the history of architecture. Today, the massive dome is surrounded by four minarets which were built during the Ottoman period. Most of the Christian mosaics of the temple are located in the upper gallery of the temple which was once the women section during both the Byzantine and Ottoman eras. The oldest mosaic dates back to the 9th century AD.

Inspiring Interior of Hagia SophiaDuring the building’s tenure as a working mosque, these were covered up under whitewash, but reconstruction work since 1931, when it became a museum, has mostly exposed these beautiful artworks once more. Of particular interest is the 9th-century figure of Christ as Pantocrator over the main entrance way and the mosaic of Christ Enthroned flanked by Empress Zoe and Emperor Constantine IX in the upper gallery.Also once you are there dont’t miss the stunning mosaics such as the glittering 13th century Deësis mosaic of Christ with John the Baptist and the Virgin Mary. Another famous thing to do in Hagia Sophia is the wishing or weeping column. The bronze covered ‘wishing column’ is housed in the northwest of the building which is believed to have healing powers. Place your thumb in the hole, and twist your wrist around as you make your wish.

Mosaics in Hagia SophiaFurthermore Hagia Sophia is the resting place of five sultans. Outside the main exit is the ottoman tomb beside the baptistery have lavish interiors featuring İznik tile work.Hotels and restaurants nearbyNear to this inspiring tourist attraction there are many top quality restaurants and hotels. Once you are in Istanbul and want a royal and grandeur experience around, Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul At Sultanahmet is the top recommendations. Other quality hotels nearby include Boutique Saint Sophia Istanbul and Hagia Sophi.a Hotel.Also there are many top quality restaurants around offering scrumptious and mouth watering foods. You can dine in one of the top rated restaurants nearby including Matbah Restaurant, Mihri Restaurant and Babylonia Garden & Terrace Restaurant.More famous tourist spots nearbyThere are many other inspiring and remarkable tourist spots around once you are in the city of Istanbul. After visiting Hagia Sophia, you can visit the famous Basilica Cistern, mesmerizing Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Topkapı Palace, Dolmabahçe Palace, Galata Tower and enjoy at Bosporus waterway.Address: Sultan Ahmet Mahallesi, Ayasofya Meydanı, 34122 Fatih/İstanbul, TurkeyOpening Hours: Summer Schedule- 15 APRİL ” 31 OCTOBER Visiting Hours: 9AM-7PMWinter Schedule- 01 NOVEMBER ” 15 APRİL Visiting Hours: 9AM- 5PMWebsite: For more information about museum and online tickets, visit the Official Website.

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