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Parenting is quite a difficult task, and people who have gone through the phase understand the pain and trouble quite well. Parenting is not just about pain, but about relief too. You feel extreme agony when your baby is screaming and crying frantically on top of her lungs, and can’t sleep because of a colicky pain, and then when she finally sleeps, it’s you again who feel the most relieved and your nerves calm down. This agony and anxiousness about the state and safety of the baby has been keeping new parents up for nights, and thus the BT baby monitor has been a great discovery for the agonized new parents who are adapting with the new routine.Why you need the BT baby monitor?

When you are busy around the home or in household work, or away at office while keeping the baby at home with the baby sitter, then you stay anxious about the baby every minute. You rush with your household work, and come in between the work multiple times into the nursery, to see that the baby is alright, or sleeping soundly. Even when at office, you keep calling the sitter at intervals to enquire about the baby, and still you cannot fully rely that the sitter will notice every move of the baby. These are the reasons, which put the video baby monitors at work.

Lots of makers have come with their baby monitors to suit the various basic and advanced needs of the parents, and some of the monitors have been out of the world performers in the domain. The parents also can now rely comfortably on the alerts and sounds brought to them through the BT baby monitor, while parents are engaged in some household work, or gardening etc. Even the baby sitter can track every movement of the baby with the monitor in case they have to move around the house for some other jobs, and can report the parents with all happenings.The BT baby monitors- OverviewMotorola baby monitors or BT baby monitors are a range of products which comes from the same maker. There are 5 bestseller models of baby monitors in various prices to fit the pockets of all parents worldwide. The basic functions are the same in all the monitors, which is to help the parents hear the baby’s sounds wherever they go in and around the house.

The advanced models come with added features to help parents get more of the tracking. Touch screens for easy operability, projectors to bring up moon and stars and shapes on the ceiling for the babies to sleep well, white noises and other lullabies for better sleeping, camera to trap and track every movement of the bay, infra red cameras for night vision, zoom functions, alerts and charging decks, and much more features are available with the advanced models as the price range goes up the ladder.

However all the models are pretty affordable, and are really good companions for the new parents, who live in unit families and have no one else to look after their baby, but the smart and advanced DECT technology of the BT baby monitor would definitely be as the one stop solution.The main features which are the basic ones and available with almost all models are:HD sound” This is the sound of the baby tracked through the baby unit near the baby in real time. When you carry the parent unit with you and drift within the range of the monitor, then you can hear the baby’s sound loud and clear through this. Gurgles, cries, soft moans, and even regular breathing can be heard through the extra clear reception of the device. Thus parents can be totally sure that they are not missing any sound from the nursery and specially the baby while they are away from the baby.Parent talk back” It’s a two way communication with the BT baby monitor. The baby unit sends baby’s sounds to the parent unit, and vice versa. The parent’s can answer to the call of the baby or a cry of the baby through the baby unit, and assure the baby that they are nearby is safe. It’s a great technology, which brings the parent’s sounds in high definition clarity from the parent unit to the baby unit through DECT.Nightlight” All the models of the monitor except ne have this. The nightlight ignites a soft light enough to illuminate the nursery so that the parent need not put on a hard light to disturb the baby’s sleep at night hours. With the nightlight they will be able to steer through the nursery and do important movements.Range” All models work within a range of 50 meters within the house, and 300 meters outside the house. Hence if you are in the house your parent unit will be working in this wireless range, and when you are drifting a little away from the house, say to the garage or garden, or outer gate etc, then the outer 300 meters range will be adjusted to by the wireless adapted. In case you get out of the range, the unit will give a beep alert that you are crossing the 300 meters range, so that you may become alert to step back into the range.Recharge alert” As the battery will need a recharge you will get recharge alerts too, so that your parent unit never runs out of charge.Parent unit screen” Besides the basic model, all other models have the screen on the parent unit to view the bay as and when they want to.Temperature display” The room temperature of the nursery will be recorded in real time by the baby unit, and will be displayed on the parent unit. You will hence always know if it’s too hot or cold or optimum.Vibrate function” If you don’t want your unit to make sound, you can keep it on vibrate function. The house can be kept calm and silent, and you will not feel disturbed.Lullabies” Except the basic model all others have lullabies for the baby, stored in them. The numbers of songs and varieties varies as per the model.The BT digital Baby Monitor 300

This model is the basic model of the maker. This one combines the three most important basic features, which justifies the price of around £39.99 of the monitor. A standard package contains the parent and baby unit, the users’ guide, the AA rechargeable batteries, and basic packaging. It’s covered by a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. Being simple and easy to use, and priced so affordably, this is one of the best sellers among the baby monitors.The BT Baby Monitor 350 LightshowThis BT 350 model has a special twinkling lightshow feature, which is the USP of the model. It also has HD sound outlet, which makes lullabies and white noise and outer sounds to be extremely clear and nice to listen to.

The lightshow is a fantastic addition to the baby unit. As this is turned on, the mini projector in the unit emits nice lighted shapes and stars and moon on the ceiling of the room, which catches the attention of the baby. The baby soon can calm down, and sink into deep sleep while watching the lights play in the darkness. This feature when accompanied with lullabies, which again comes with choices of music starting from classical to rhymes etc, makes it very engaging and entertaining for the baby. The baby can be made to sleep, or made to stay engaged or can be settled into a clam mood with these.

There are 18 lullabies, and also a white noise, and nature sounds, and synthetically produced sound of the womb. All of them are great distractions for the baby and helps babies sleep better. There is again a charging dock with this model, so that parents can charge their unit wherever they are.BT Digital Video Baby Monitor 1000

With the optimum features, and the addition of video capture at a resolution of 320×240 pixels, through a 2.8” screen, the model is one of the best buys among the BT monitors.

One can add additional cameras along with the solo camera of the model. A total of 4 cameras can be attached, and they will be viewed on the parent unit screen as 4 parts on the same screen. Touching one of the 4 will enlarge it to the full screen mode. The monitor switches to the night mode automatically with darkness, and very interestingly, the infra red camera sensor lights on the bay unit do not stay lit. The lights go off completely and can’t be figured in the darkness.The BT Video Baby Monitor 7000 and 7500 models

The newest additions to the BT baby monitor family are the 7000 and 7500 models, and both have a super high resolution of 480×320 pixels for photo and video. Besides they have the touch screens and tilt and zoom technologies like the 1000 model. They also have the charging docks with the micro USB adapters so that they can be charged with any micro USB port. The baby unit of the 7500 model can rotate 360 degrees to capture all movements around the room, and can be controlled from remote by the parent unit.

With these best advanced technologies of video and none video baby monitors and friendly features, the BT baby monitors are great companion for parents. Every new parent must get a monitor for their early months of parenting, when the baby is dependent only on crying to call the parents.

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