Has Google Turned Into A National Threat?

The idea that Google might have turned into a national threat couldn’t stop me reading a recent column by a law Professor “Zephyr Teachout” at Fordham University. She made an addictive argument that Google has extended a point where it no longer permits dispute outside the company. It discharged a Google engineer which may be true in the firm too.

As far as I know, Google has been maintaining finance organization that is made up to fight and resists monopolies, but when that organization or corporation called it out, Google apparently organized the dissolution of the group.

The Open Markets Vs Google:

It really amazes me how often I’m noticing this now. Firm finances an effort against a large and strong competitor then grows more and finds that effort has become occupied on it.

In this case, it seems as if though Google was financing funds to Open Markets to get its support and motivation in going after major strong competitors such as Microsoft, but it might have been Amazon also, or both. However, when the EU penalized it, the organization that was attentive to stop firms like Google from mistreating their monopoly power that is called “Google out“. Then, following to the column, Google got everyone fired and


The Actual Danger :

Now Teachout creates some super points related to Google shutting down disapproval, but I don’t think so that this is the big deal. We are now noticing a pattern of misuse of power ” firstly, with Google’s heavy relations to the Obama government and administration, then with the EU penalty, and most freshly with the move to get rid of a group that raised out against its misuse of power.

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