HemoHIM Review

HemoHIM is patented for “improving anticancer activity, immune response and hematopoiesis of the body, and protecting the body from oxidative damage.” (http://www.directorypatent.com/US/06964785.html)

Improving your immune system, protecting body from oxidative damage (anti-aging), its a holistic approach to a healthier life. People who take HemoHIM every day share many benefits of HemoHIM. Following are some of the effects of HemoHIM people shared. Please note that these are not FDA approved statements nor medical advises. These are personal experiences only.Cold Symptoms

If cold symptoms last for more than 2 weeks, it is an obvious sign that your immune system is weak. If that is the case, take HemoHIM 3 times a day for 7-10 days.High Blood Pressure

Take HemoHIM 3 times a day. Blood pressure may rise temporarily, but it will come back down and gradually goes to healthy rates. Monitor your blood pressure so see the effects of HemoHIM.Joint Pain

Take HemoHIM 3 times a day. You will see the best results when you take HemoHIM for an extended period of time, about 3-4 months.Diabetes

Take HemoHIM 3 times a day. Your blood sugar level will spike temporarily, but it will come back down. Monitor your blood sugar levels as you take HemoHIM.Weight Loss

Take HemoHIM 3 times a day. In 6 months, you will see a healthy weight loss.Constipation

If you have a bad constipation, take HemoHIM 4 times a day. You will see constipation going away within 1 week.Anemia

“Anemia is a condition that develops when your blood lacks enough healthy red blood cells or hemoglobin” (http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/understanding-anemia-basics) The ‘Hemo’ in HemoHIM stands for hemoglobin. HemoHIM definitely helps increasing the number of hemoglobin. Take HemoHIM 3 times a day for first 6 months.Insomnia

Take HemoHIM 2 times a day. You will see best results within 1 month.Chronic Fatigue

Take HemoHIM 3 times a day. You will start feeling better within 10 days.People going through Chemotherapy

HemoHIM definitely helps people going through chemotherapy. People going through chemotherapy are without energy, lose appetite, and feel nausea when eating food. Take HemoHIM 5-8 times a day. It will strengthen your immune system so your body can naturally fight off the cancer. If taking 5-8 packets a day gives you an upset stomach, take less and gradually increase.

Does it sound like HemoHIM is a cure-all? Yes, it does! Immune system is your body’s defense system that fights against things that make you sick. HemoHIM promotes a holistic health of your body, instead of treating a symptom.

And as with any herbal supplements, first time users may feel cold symptoms due to body’s reaction to this new substance. This is not a side effect, but body’s natural reaction. These symptoms will fade away usually within 1 week. But if they don’t visit your doctor to make sure you are not allergic to HemoHIM’s three main ingredients: Angelicae gigantis Radix, Cnidium officinale Makino and Paeonia japonica Miyabe et Takeda.


I suffered from chronic gastritis, tinnitus, chronic rhinitis, and neurasthenia. My health was not good. But with HemoHIM, it steadily improved. I’ve been taking it for about one year now, and now my neurasthenia, gastritis, and chronic rhinitis are gone for sure. If you read the labels carefully, it says: “Individually Approved Dietary Supplement,” so you don’t have to worry about side effects as with prescription medicines.

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