Hitman: Blood Money | Solution To “Won’t Load on Windows 7” ~

Its another new day, I just woke up and felt like I wanted to play the good old ‘Hitman: Blood Money’, so I began installing it, installation went about just fine.

Then after the installation I obviously wanted to play it, so I clicked “HitmanBloodMoney.exe”, and to my despair, I found nothing opening up.

The Game didn’t Load at all! The pointer animation changed to the Loading one, but in seconds it returned to normal.

When you click on “HitmanBloodMoney.exe” then mouse pointer should change into “Loading” one for a few seconds.

During this time, all you have to do is the following:


Open Task Manager

Right Click on Taskbar and Select Task Manager or Alt+Ctrl+Del -> Task Manager

Now run “HitmanBloodMoney.exe”

The cursor should change in something like follows (in Default Pointer Set for Windows 7)

Now, quickly switch to Task Manager, and find “HitmanBloodMoney.exe”

Right click on it, and select “End Process Tree”

It should throw up the following Dialog Box, select End Process Tree.

Now run “HitmanBloodMoney.exe” from folder/desktop again. The game should load up without problems!

Pretty simple, and weird. But it works.

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Aly Chiman

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