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We�ve based our business model on an honesty scheme.

We�re a matchmaker � we match our customers with the appropriate specialist vacation companies who take the booking and your payment. This way you get to deal directly with the experts running your trip who know what�s happening on the ground, not a �go between�.

We earn a commission from them, but here�s the interesting bit � we rely on them to declare the booking to us via an honesty scheme. You can help by letting us know you�ve booked, in return we�ll pay for a disadvantaged child to have a day trip (Trip for a Trip) or send you a free guide book.

Here�s the funny thing. We�ve found that when you place trust in good people they repay it and the honesty scheme works. So far we�ve sold �150m worth of vacations, all voluntarily declared by our vacation providers � maybe it�s the biggest honesty scheme in the world?
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