How to add a gadget/widget inside your Blogger Blog header

Maybe you have seen that many blogs have AdSense Units or other ads and widgets in the header section of the blog, the most popular format being the AdSense 468×60 ad unit – see in the screenshot below:
But how we can add something inside blogger header – be it a Adsense unit, a search bar, social media buttons or a widget? By simply adding a section in the header. First off, to give space for the extra gadget to fit in, our blogger header should be resized.A. Resize blogger headerStep 1: Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Design >> Edit HTML and backup your templateStep 2: Check the “Expand widget templates” boxStep 3: Find (CTRL + F) this piece of code:
/* Header———————————————– */Step 4: Replace it with this code:
/* Header———————————————– */.header-left{display: inline-block;height: 35px;width: 350px;float: left;}.header-right {display:inline-block;float:right;}
Change the pixels in red with the image’s height and width of your blogger header and change float: left; to float: right; if you want to change the position of your logo.Step 5: Find the below code:
Step 6: Replace it with:

Now “Preview” your template, you will find that the background color of Blogger’s header is not visible or it’s missing. To bring it back, you need to add some more snippets:Step 7. Find the following code:
    Step 8. Just above it, paste this:
Note: if you can’t find the code from step 7, search for this instead:
… and paste the code from step 8 just below it.Step 9. Save Template.B. Add extra gadget/widget section to Blogger HeaderLet’s go one step forward and add an extra gadget section within Blogger header in new template designers. Step 1: Go to Dashboard >> Design >> Edit HTML and backup your template.Step 2: Find for the below code which you have implemented in previous step:
Step 3. Paste before/above it, the following code:
Step 4. Now find:
]]>Step 5. Paste just above it, this CSS code:
.header-right {display:inline-block;float:right;width:400px;}Change the width that is marked in red color. Increase or decrease the pixels according to your needs and positioning new header section.Step 6. Save Template.Now all you have to do is to go to Design >> Page Elements tab and add a new gadget to the newly created extra header section in Blogger. You may find that the extra gadget section is created just under your Blogger header as shown in the image below.
Don’t worry about its position, the widget now should appear side by side.If you have any questions or need some help, leave a comment below.

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