How to add disk cleanup at the right-click menu of the drive

When we want to access the Disk Cleanup tool, we usually have to find out through the start menu or open the drive properties window. Instead of all this we can get it in right clicking the drive
We can do this by Using the Hack
After this process, we can simply right-click on a drive >>>>>> “Disk Cleanup”

In Windows 7 or Vista, we’ll be asked whether you want to clean up your files or all files?

then disk cleanup will begin:

Process:::::Manual Registry Hack
Open up the registry editor. Locate to following

Create a new key named diskcleanup and set the default value to Disk Cleanup. After that create another key below it named command and set the value to:
cleanmgr.exe /d %1
The change is immediate, To check right-click on the drive and you will see the new menu item.

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