How to Create macOS Sierra Bootable USB Installer on Windows 10?

In this article, I will show you how to create the Sierra MacOS USB boot installer in Windows 10. If you are in the process of installing Sierra 10.12 macOS on your PC or Hackintosh. So, the first step is to create a boot USB installer for MacOS Sierra to install Mac OS on your PC, you can create a bootable USB installer with UniBeast, but you still need a macintosh to download and create the MacOS Sierra boot USB installer . So here we will show you how to create a USB boot installer for MacOS Sierra in Windows 10 and you do not need any MacBook or any Apple computer. Create the MacOS Sierra Bootable USB installer in Windows 10 To create a bootable USB installer you need to download macOS Sierra image file from the following link and other files that were mentioned in the download section with a USB flash drive 8 or higher. The download process is a little complicated if you are not known by mega because you have to download it from there, also the credit goes to a Brazilian Hackintosh group. Note: This method works on Windows 7/8/10 and is not the TransMac Process. Step # 1. First, download the following materials from the following link. Step # 2. After downloading the macOS Sierra image file from the following link, extract it with 7-Zip, Winrar or any other extractor. Extract macOS Sierra ImageStep # 3. Now install Win32 DiskImager, open the file Win32DiskImage.exe and then click next, the next times and other basic installation steps, such as the license agreement. Install Win32DiskImagerStep # 5. When the installation process is complete, click Finish to exit the configuration wizard. Finish the installation of Win32DiskImagerStep # 4. Run Win32DiskImager as administrator and select your USB flash drive that you want to use as a boot device for macOS Sierra 10.12. Select USB Flash Drive Step 6. After selecting the device, click on the folder icon next to the device selection option and explore the Sierra macro image file that you downloaded from the link above. First change the view mode to (*. *) Then select Install MacOS Sierra and click Open. Open Install MacOS Sierra ImageStep # 7. Then, after selecting the image and USB, click Write, then the warning messages will be displayed, click Yes to begin the process of the USB Boot Installer. Type macOS Sierra in USBStep # 8. Wait for Win32DiskImager to complete the write process 100%. Write in ProcessStep # 9. Once the writing process is finished, you should get the message Successful as the following: Step # 10. As mentioned above, download “Pacote de Config” after downloading. Also remove 7-Zip, Winrar or any other extractor. Remove the “Pacote de config” step # 11. Open the “Pacote de Config” folder and then select your PC if it is a desktop computer or a laptop, and then from your folder you will find some graphic files of the Config system. plist Find and copy Config.plist that matches your Intell, AMD, or NVIDIA system graphics. Find and copy your System Config.plistNote: Remember that if you did not find the exact config.plist file for your system, use the one that is close to your system. Just as if the graphics on your system are Intel 4210, choose up or down because it works mostly, although there are many that can fix your system and be compatible with Hackintosh. In addition, you may find your config.plist file prepared with a quick Google search. Step # 12. Now go to your USB flash drive EFI> Clover, then paste and replace the config.plist file that you copied from the “Pacote de Config” folder with the default plist file. Reconfigure Config.plist in the USB Installer Also read: How to create a boot USB installer for macOS Sierra through UniBeast? Create the Sierra USB Bootable MacOS installer in the Windows 10 video tutorial: this was how to create the MacOS Sierra boot USB installer in Windows 10. If you were facing any problems tell us below for comment, feel free to tell us.

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