How To Create Your Own Social Network using PHPFOX

You will find lots of different social media networks on the net these days. The question that comes in the mind of people is that is it easy enough to make your own social media network? Well, don’t worry because I’m going to teach you all that in this article.

To create a niche based Social networking site, there should be a requirement. For instance, you can make a social networking site  for your students and college members, etc. Today, we will talk about PHPFOX, by the help of which, we will be able to create our very own social networking website that can be managed very easily.Overview and details of (PHPFOX) Script:

PHPFox is a great script for social media network. Its built in MySQL and PHP. PHPfox can be used very easily because it doesn’t require any coding or other kind of technical expertise. You simply need to install its script in the webhost/webserver & you are done!Different Features of (PHPFOX):

This particular script has got so many different features for example:
User friendly Administration Panel
An ability to earn income by creating advertisements
An ability to integrate with Content Delivery Network (CDN) to load your website quickly.
Balancing the load of your server
Special mobile version of your social network
AJAX search and browing
Ability of installing latest games/apps
User friendly Content management system(CMS) and theme manager
Installation of any additional (language package)
Marketplace like ebay.
Privacy of accounts (This is quite similar to “Facebook.” For example: privacy, blocking and stuff.
Timeline like Facebook
An ability to create or add photos, blogs, forums, polls, events, videos, etc.
Additional 3rd party features can be added later like radio, Arcade flash, TV, video chat, documents, photo library, jokes, usermap, gaes, etc.

Check out the screen shots:


Search and Ajax Homepage:

Mobile based website:

Default (Home) -It doesn’t require any customization at all:

Your admin-panel:

Complete settings of the site:

Management of ads:

Statistics of the site:

Management of users:Pricing and Package (variations)1. Lite Package have got basic phpfox package and no other additional features2. Network Package, contains basic phpfox package & some additional features3. Community Package, have got basic phpfox package with all the features, extended support &  extra plugins

**I personally prefer Community package because it contains each and every feature that we want.Hosting Requirements to use PHPFOX Script:

Below mentioned are the main requirements to run this script:
NGINX Web-server or Apache
MySQL 4.1 or previous
PHP 5.1 or previousHow can you build a social network by using the script of PHPFOX  on web-server?

Installing PHPFOX script is way too easy and this is how it is done:

First, you need to download the package of PHPFOX from this link and after that, upload the (script) to the home directory of your server with the help of FTP.

Now, you need to type your URL in any browser like this: and after that, you will land on the page from where you can install further programs.PHPFOXSocial NetworkPrevious Post10 Powerful Strategies To Increase Facebook FanPage LikesNext PostHow To Setup/Run Facebook Ads Campaign: A Step-By-Step Guide

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