How to Decrease Bounce rate of your website?

You might have heard the term Bounce rate before, but do you really know what it means? Well, Its a Google Analytic’s term that gives you a percentage of sessions on your post links.

Now, coming to the point how can we decrease our bounce rate, every web master wants visitors to convert by going through various pages on their website, buy something, fill a form, read more or perform any other activity. but what if the visitors leave the website just after spending less than 10 seconds on it?There many be two possible reasons:

1. Visitor might not have found what he or she was looking for2. The page was extremely difficult to use.

Before, solving your bounce rate issue, do keep in mind the average bounce rates provided by Google:These are the average Bounce rates provided by Google Analytic’s that you should target:Content websites: 40 to 60%Lead Generation: 30 to 50%Blogs: 70 to 98%Retail sites: 20 to 40%Service sites: 10 to 30%Landing pages: 70 to 90%How to attract the right visitors?

Your main purpose should not only be to attract any visitors, instead, you need to use right keywords that matches your content.

1. Create more than one landing pages with unique keywords and content for variety of visitors.2. Try to maintain the rankings for branded (terms) at the very top.3. Write useful and attractive meta-descriptions because its the first invitation to your visitors in search engine.Enhancement of the usability of your website:

Always try to make text readable to your visitors by using the following key points:

1. White space2. Big fonts3. Excellent color contrast4. Decent looking organization5. Use of big headlines6. Bullet pointsUse a simple and good looking layout:

1. A person can easily find search engine2. Quick navigation buttons3. Content should be in sections4. Your layout should be responsive for Tab, mobile and computer users (Remember, 17.4% of users are mostly from mobile devices and its (increasing day by day)Speed up your website loading time:

1.Always use external links so that it opens in new browser.2.Use very small amount of multimedia content on your site like vimeo, dailymotion, sound cloud and others.

If you work on WordPress blog, you must read How to Speedup WordPress easily.NOTE: Must avoid pop-up ads, self loading multimedia ads, etc


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