How To Do SEO Of Your Fiverr Gigs?

We have already covered the topics like How to Withdraw money from Fiverr account to Payoneer and Easiest ways to earn from Fiverr in Bloggingheat and today, we are going to tell you how to do SEO of your Fiverr Gigs in this post:Using keywords in capital letter in Fiverr gig title:

You need to use one keyword in your title and that particular keyword should be written with capital letters.

For instance: “I will” that is by default write a very amazing STORY for $5.

Using your keyword in capital letters will help your viewers to look at your gig title in a more clear manner and also to easily rank it in a typical Fiverr search engine algorithm.How to use TAGS in your Fiverr gigs? :

Using TAGS is not a rocket science, in fact, its just a copy/paste technique. You just need to copy the tags of any TOP RATED Fiverr user gig that is related to your gig some how and insert it in your gig. I hope that I don’t need to explain you what is going to happen next!

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Many people think that they can easily outsmart Fiverr algorithm by placing a gig in any other category, so that, their gig will be the only one to attract the users. Well! to be frank, dreaming of this technique to earn hundreds of dollars is fine, but if you really want to apply it on your Fiverr profile then you are just going to be flagged or sometimes even get deleted. So, please stay cautious, instead of playing tricks.Also check: 5 ways to Remove Negative Reviews and Ratings from your Fiverr GigUsing adjectives to attract people:

Instead of writing I will write a story for you in $5, you can write I will write AN AMAZING or THE FANTABULOUS story for you in $5. This technique will just create a bit of an impression in front of viewers.Offer FREE Gifts and bonuses:

Its an old marketing strategy to offer free gifts and bonuses to customers. It can be in any form. Let me give you an example!

You can write, if a same person ordered my GIG twice, I will give him or her a FREE gift or a bonus. How is the idea?Highlight notable features and bold keywords in the description of your gig like this:

You need to organize your description with the help of bullet points, highlighter and other styling options present on Fiverr.

You can also sell Facebook likes on Fiverr without spending a lot of time and as far changing the flag of your Fiverr profile is concerned, its the best method to increase your orders with in a very short time span.

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