How To Double Your Blog’s Email Opt-In Rate?

The ability to capture your reader’s emails is vital to your blog’s success.

It’s about time you start building one.

If you’ve not been taking email lists seriously then it’s a perfect time to start. Behind every popular blog is not only a solid steel wall of writers and editors, but it is backed up by nuclear fallout shelter filled with emails.

You probably don’t have the resources yet to build your solid steel wall, but it’s time to start constructing your nuclear fallout shelter.


Why should you start to put your efforts full force into capturing your visitors email addresses? Why are they so valuable?

Emails will probably live for centuries, while blogs might die out.

It’s the best way to personally connect with your readers.

Your reader’s emails are your path to instant traffic and sales.

It’s the fastest tactic to get interested people to do what you want them to do.

Emails are cheap to send and will only get cheaper!

How powerful can an email lists be? My email list is microscopic compared to most of the popular bloggers, with only a mere 100 subscribers, I’m driving target traffic to every one of my articles.

With only 100 subscribers, I’m scraping together an average of 10 comments per article. That shows how targeted email subscribers are. They become addicted…


You finally realize what you’ve been missing: money falling down the drain. It’s time to turn your email list around. If you can follow these simple steps, I can guarantee your email list will be built at an unrealistically fast rate…Offer A Bribe To Your Readers… Ethically

There is no harm done by offering an e-book to visitors that subscribe. I’ve never heard any complaints on my past blogs, and don’t plan to hear any on my future blogs.

Using some common sense you can obviously see why the subscribe opt-in rate would increase.

What should you offer as a bribe to your readers? I had an interesting discussion with Caleb at Market Secrets on my article Is Your Blog Prepared?.

He pointed out a great idea on how almost all blogs that offer a bribe to subscribe, offer an e-book as the bribe. We both agree that to be unique and to keep readers interested, you need to be different and possibly offer something other than the average e-book.

For example, when you subscribe to my blog, you automatically get a free membership, Blog Tyrant offers a specialized WordPress theme to all of their subscribers.

I’m highly interested to hear your opinion on this topic and what you plan or currently offer to your readers as a bribe to get them to subscribe.

Add Subscribe Boxes

Another game changer to capture your visitors emails is about the positioning of the subscribe boxes. Again, I talked about this in the Is Your Blog Prepared article.

I said it then and I’ll say it now, these three subscribe boxes are what you should use: top of the sidebar, under each post, and a pop up lightbox.

Currently on this blog, I’ve been using the subscribe box below each article, and will soon be utilizing the top of the sidebar method.

The results of the below each article subscribe box have been fantastic. My Pro Blogger guest post brought in the meat of my subscribers with around 10% subscribe opt-in rate.Extra Attractive Pages

You might have noticed I have started to add these interesting pages across my navigation. They are about and guest posts. Over time they will begin to play a huge role in my email list’s development.

Both of them will eventually become one of my most viewed articles/pages on my entire blog. Best of all, each of them promotes a subscribe box at the end.

These extra attractive pages are everywhere on the web, and they are sure to be a big generator of emails!

How do you create these “special” pages? Building these special pages are not challenging at all…

First of all, they are just regular WordPress pages added to the navigation of your blog. I highly recommend that you should definitely make an easy to find navigation before or after creating these pages. It will help boost their success tremendously!

I recommend that these pages are kept short, and you give the reader what they want as fast as you can give it to them.

What should these pages be about? The about page is a must have. Your blog can’t live without it. On the other hand, you can create all sorts of different pages. The best pages provide statistics that readers are begging to see.

My statistics page included the guest posts I’ve written and the amount of traffic I’ve received from them. I’ve seen many other statistics pages such as income reports, weight loss over time, muscle build up over time, and so on.

I really hope you plan to make some changes on your blog after reading this article. Feel free to leave your ideas in the comments below. I’m begging to hear your opinion on this widely debatable topic!

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