How to Embed a Facebook Video instead of Facebook Post

Just after the launch of any new gadget or a movie, a new facebook page is being created by  company for its promotion. They share so many informative videos, howto’s and trailers that people love a lot. As far as the Facebook video player is concerned, it loads videos very quickly in comparison with Youtube, Dailymotion and other internet video giants.

There is no need to promote the Facebook page of others by embedding the entire post that contains video in it. I will tell you a small code in which you just have to change the unique number that is different for each and every Facebook video.

First of all, look at this image to find out, which number i’m talking about:

After copying the code that I have tick marked, you need to paste it in the iframe command that I will be giving you right now:

Replace the number from id=”your video id number” and you are done. Now use this code anywhere in the text editor of your WordPress.

Its pretty simple much easy to use this code and by using it you won’t let the owner of that page to get likes. Actually, it will look like your own video. People love Facebook player a lot and these days, its giving a very tough time to Youtube and other popular video websites in the world. However, there isn’t any “Related videos” option in it that forces users to keep watching videos by staying in that particular window.Also check: Trick To Run Facebook Ads For As Low As 0.01 Cents And Get Massive Results?

I think, Facebook will introduce even more cool features in its Facebook video player to make it useful for its users. You won’t believe how much scared Youtube is from Facebook. It has affected the visitors of Youtube on a very large scale. Am just waiting for that day when people will be able to search videos on Facebook.

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