How to Follow Facebook’s 20-Percent Text Rule on Ad Images

Images that you are gonna use shall be having text in accordance with the requirements of Advertizing Guidelines of Facebook. Other than that, it should not surpass 20% allowed text. The reason why Facebook has made this rule is that they want to maintain their advertizement standards by providing their users high-quality and useful content. This rule includes slogans, logos and all kinds of other texts that you may use on your image.Also check:

To check if your advertizement image is as per the requirement of Facebook,

1. Open a Grid tool.2. Select your Ad image by pressing the Browse button.3. Press the show grid button in order to open your Ad image under 5*5 grid.4. Now, simply select the boxes containing text and this tool will tell you the percentage of text you are having on your Ad image.5. Lets suppose, if your ad exceeds 20% text, you will be asked to upload another Ad image.

Here is the link of the tool: Also remember not to use play button on your Ad images because it misleads the Facebook users

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