How To Make Sure Your Flower Bulbs Grow

You may have tried flower bulbs in the past, but found yourself frustrated when not as many of them grew as you expected. Flower bulbs can be tricky and will need to be planted at a specific time to make sure that as many flower bulbs as possible germinate.Choose the Best Bulbs

Great flower bulb growth begins with the bulbs themselves. Make sure that they are of good quality before purchasing them. Great flower bulbs will be plump and firm. Also, pick the largest bulbs that you find.Preserve the Bulbs

The bulbs should ideally be purchased on the day that you will plant them. If you need to wait before planting flower bulbs, store them in a dry, dark and cool place to protect them from mold and decomposition. Some place their bulbs in a refrigerator, but make sure that you keep them away from fruit that is ripening because fruit releases a gas that can ruin the bulbs. A great place to put them is in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator.Time Your Planting Well

If you want to make sure that your flower bulbs grow, plant them about six weeks before hard ground frosts. This will provide more time for the bulbs to develop roots. October is usually a good time to plant daffodils. November is usually a great time to plant tulips. The bulbs will need to be planted when the ground is cool.Choose the Best Soil

You can plant flower bulbs in any part of your yard that does not hold a lot of water. Flower bulbs will need to be grown in soil that is well-draining. If the soil on your property has a high clay content, adding compost or peat moss can help make it more suitable for growing flower bulbs.

If you are going to grow flower bulbs in the same soil each season, you will need to mix fertilizer into the soil. You should also mix in bone meal to make sure that the soil has the right acidity. The ideal pH for flowering bulbs is between 6 and 7. You should only fertilize the soil before adding the bulbs because fertilizing afterward can shorten the life of the flowers.Consider Placing the Bulb On It’s Side

Sometimes, it can be difficult to know which side of the bulb is up. If you cannot tell, place the bulb on it’s side. The great thing about flowers is that they will be able to find out which way is up. While they are flexible in where they can be planted, they fare the best in a location that receives full sun.

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