How to reset lost admin password in Fortigate?

NOTE :-This process will require the reboot of the FortiGate.
·Console cable
·Terminal software like Putty.exe
·Serial no. of the FortiGate device
1. Connect console to the fortigae
2. Start putty.exe with default settings
3. Putty Settings:
·Speed Baud 9600
·Data Bits 8Bit
·Parity None
·Stop Bits 1
·Flow Control No Hardware Flow Control
·Com Port The correct com-port
4. The firewall will then respond with its name/ hostname.
5. Reboot the firewall
6. Wait until the Firewall name and login prompt to appears. The terminal window will display as follows:
FortiGate-100d (18:52-06.18.2014)


Serial number: FGT60C3G1007716011

CPU(00): 565MHz

Total RAM: 1024 MB

NANDinit… 138 MB

MAC Init… nplippte#0

Press any key to display configuration menu…

reading boot image 11637092 bytes.

Initializiing firewall…

System is started.


7. Type username: maintainer
8. The password is bcpb+ serial no. of the firewall
9. Now you will be connected to firewall. Changing the admin
passwd …
In case of vdoms are not enabled:
config system admin

edit admin

set password


In case ofvdoms are enabled:
config global
config system admin
edit admin
set password end

Disable/Enable the maintainer feature
To disable
config system global
set admin-maintainer disable

To enable
config system global
set admin-maintainer enable

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