How to Use Flipboard to Promote Your Website

People normally use Flipboard to look for cool and interesting content hidden on the web. However, many people still don’t know what it is. So, for them, lemme explain it!

Flipboard basically is a mobile based application on which, people share (flip) content that they like the most in a magazine form. It works almost in a same way as Stumbleupon and other bookmarking websites, but believe it or not, it can give you a huge amount of traffic on your website.Why do you need to use Flipboard for the promotion of your website?

Its real big!- Flipboard is used by as much as 90 million users worldwide! Yes, you are reading that correctly! I have seen some people advising companies to make an account on Pinterest, whereas, it only has 70 million users. So, the point, which I am trying to make it over here is that Flipboard is an extremely big social network & you should also take benefit from it.How can you promote your website on Flipboard?

Now, after telling you what Flipboard actually is and how big it can be for your website to be on this extremely popular social network, I will move towards how can you promote your website on Flipboard!

1. Create an account on Flipboard. It was first made for the mobile usage only, but now, you can also use it on your desktop.

2. Like all other social networks present online, Flipboard also requires you to have followers on it and to get followers, you will have to create a magazine of your own. These magazines work like categories in which, you need to put relevant content. If we talk in a bit technical language, you need to flip your articles according to your magazine topics.

For example, if your article is related to Google Adsense, you can create a new magazine on “Google Adsense” and Flip your article under it.Also check:Pro-tip:

Always create magazines according to your niche.

2. Once, you are gonna get lots of followers on it, you can generate a pretty decent amount of traffic on your website. You can also invite users to get subscribed to your magazine by adding its widget on your website.

Always try focusing on the topic of your magazine, while writing for your website as it will help you to create variety in your magazine.

I desperately want to know that this great social network really worked for you or not, so kindly, do comment Asap!

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