HP Tango Review – Smart printer for home or office

HP Tango Review – Smart printer for home or office

The Tango is a very small and very compact printer. It prints beautiful borderless photos up to 5” x 7”. The Tango works wirelessly in your home or office with a cloud based network so it has no USB ports. It features dual band wifi so it will not interfere with other wifi devices or traffic. While it lacks a scan bed it is still scanning capable using the HP Smart APP and the camera on your phone or tablet to control all the settings on your HP Tango or Tango X. The Tango X features a book cover so it could essential be stowed on a bookshelf, however you probably wouldn’t want to put it on a shelf because this is a pretty amazing photo printer and photos are free if you are in the instant ink program. speaking of photos, you can print all the photos on your phone, tablet or just about any other device on your wifi network. It also can be voice activated using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Microsoft Cortana and is air printer compatable.

Aside from all this, I am very impressed the quality that HP has Compressed into this compact yet multi purpose package, small enough to be stowed away on your bookshelf. You won’t even notice it when it is not in use and if you had never seen one before you probably wouldn’t realize that you were looking at a printer.

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The HP Instant Ink program is a subscription based service based on volume of your personal or business printing needs. Packages start at free for a very limited amount of printing. However you can print as many full color pages or pictures your heart desires because Instant Ink is based on how many pages your print in a month with subscriptions starting at just $2.99 for up to $50 pages a month and go from there. There is a plant for everybody and now everybody can print photos like there is no tomorrow. When your ink begins to run low the Tango notifies HP and your back up supply is delivered to your home or business free of charge and shipping costs. That way you’ll never run out of ink. It appears that HP is after long term relationships and business with their customers and the HP Instant Ink program delivers.

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