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Price at time of Review: £9.95 DeliveredModel: iPad Air 2Weight: 200gThickness: 12mmSmart Enabled: YesStand Modes: 2Available From: Amazon ” Invision iPad Air 2 Smart Case

Invision iPad Air 2 Case Logo


Invision are a UK based company which sell TV stands, Tablet and mobile cases.  The case we are reviewing here is basically an imitation of the official cover which Apple sell.  It shares many of the similarities apart from the fact it has a rear shell attached to the front, rather than the magnetic clasp of the Apple version.

Invision Packaging

The case comes in a decent box, highlighting its key features and the Invision branding, which in my opinion goes a long way in making you feel like you’re buying a product which has had some thought put into it.

So many of the cheap cases you can buy on eBay and Amazon come in a clear plastic film which just makes the product feel cheap.


Invision Case Front

On removing the case from the box, you will notice it’s thin and light, a huge bonus.  I say it so many times, that this is the way an iPad case should be.  The only reason you should buy a bulky case is if it’s being given to kids or used in the certain workplaces for protection reasons!

The Invision logo is featured on the front, which if you hold it up to the light is pretty detailed, and made of a metal.  However, from arms length the detail is lost and I have to admit it can look like a silver splodge, ha.

The material itself is on the plastic side, and going for the leather look.  I have felt better materials here.

Invision iPad Case Inside

Opening it up, the inner lining feels soft and smooth, I like this a lot.  So much better than a lot of cases out there.

The rear casing is slightly on the thick side, but i do like the fact it’s almost has a rubber feel to it, and bends quite easily.  It feels like it could take a drop to the corner and not crack.

Now it should be pointed out you can see a hole at the top of the rear shell which is placed as such as if they thought there was going to be a microphone there which there isn’t for the iPad Air 2.  Maybe they jumped the gun on their design before the Air 2 was released!

Invision Holes

The iPad slots easily into the shell, and here again you can see that hole, along with a grove cutout which again is not needed.

I would have liked to have seen the hole for the camera tighter around it, as well as the space for the volume controls.  There are clear signs here they did not have the iPad Air 2 designs and made a best guess for its release.


Invision Case Stand

You can stand the iPad upright by folding the front back on itself into the folds which you will see on the other photos.

The magnet keeps this in place, and stops it from unraveling, which is often a frustration with these type of cases.  Now it should be noted that this angle is pretty steep, so you have to be about arms length away from it for it to be useful.  It also wobbles a bit when you tap the screen, you could only use this on the flattest of surfaces.

Another negative to note here is that the microfiber inner that touches the screen will also be touching the table surface.  So if that gets dirty, and gritty it will go straight onto the screen of your iPad.

Invision Typing Angle

From here, move the iPad back and you go into the typing angle.  The one main problem I have with these cases is this angle is just too low, it’s almost flat! Along with the fact these two angles are on both extremes of the scale.  One is very steep, the second is almost flat, there’s no in between! However, it does stay together thanks to the magnet.

The important thing to consider with the limitation of these angles is how you use your device.  If you often use it on your lap and uneven surfaces, you may not have enough options to stand the iPad up. Verdict

To summarise this review of the Invision iPad Air 2 Smart Case, I would say this is a pretty decent case to be fair.  There are short comings including the un-required holes and cutouts which don’t match the iPad design, lack of stand options and slightly cheap feeling materials.  But, if you are in the market for an Apple imitation case, then this is a solid option.Available From:Amazon ” Invision iPad Air 2 Smart Case Gallery
Invision iPad Air 2 Stand

Invision Case Stand

Invision Typing Angle

Invision Case Rear

Invision Case Packaging

Invision iPad Air 2 Case Inside

Invision iPad Air 2 Case Bottom

Invision iPad Air 2 Case Logo

Invision iPad Air 2 Case iPad Rear

Invision iPad Air 2 Case Holes

Invision iPad Air 2 Case Front
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