Jewels Star 2017 Android Game Cheat

Jewels Star 2017 is an interesting, full of enjoyment and addictive match 3 Android game, released in 2017.

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How To Play Jewels Star Android Game

In the game, players have to match 3 or more jewels which have to be identical. You’ll have to match the jewels until the board gets transparent and the jewels star will reappear on the board.

In order to get maximum bonus score, players should complete the game as soon as possible.

Your goal is to win the Jewels star game, pass the tremendous levels of the game and make effort to achieve three stars in each level.

Features of the Jewels Star Android Game:

  • There are more than 300 enjoyable levels.
  • In order to get Jewel’s bomb and one lightning, match the 4 Jewels.
  • The playing time can be extended by the bonus timing.
  • Get color-changing jewels and 2 lighting by matching 5 jewels.
  • In each match of 3 jewels, you will gain energy for your great mighty bomb which helps destroy its obstacles.
  • For getting a chained jewel, you can eliminate and remove the jewels around to unlock them.
  • For getting the frozen jewel, you can eliminate and remove the jewels around to release them out.
  • The bomb bonus can terminate the jewels all around.
  • The lightning jewels can finish all of the jewels in one row.

Jewels Star Hack/ Cheat :

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