Jungle adventures 2 cheats & hack

Jungle adventures 2 is a side scrolling platform Android game.

The fruity forest looks in trouble, because of a mighty magician who has stolen all of the fruits of the jungle to become the king.

Addu, who is our fearless adventurer hero known for his loyal pet Bullion moved out to fetch all of the stolen fruits back to give a new life into his beloved home land.Addu’s amazing abilities include jumping, swimming and throwing stones.He can also pick up, throw and glide as well.He can also take a ride on his pets to help him in his journey and travel. Addu can also run, jump and explore the arcade adventures.Jungle Adventures 2 Exciting Features:

• You can get Experience in an exciting mix between ACTION and EXPLORATION• You may find out and collect all of the fruits and bring them back to your home• Utilize Smooth controls• A lot of bosses and the cutest enemies to defeat

Jungle Adventures 2 Cheat Codes For Android and iOS:

There are some cheats for jungle adventure 2 which are completely free to use and don’t require any program to download or install. Moreover, these cheat codes can be used unlimited times in the game.

To unlock Free App-purchases, enter the cheat “8M8KBFWJDH”To get fruit pack 1, enter the cheat “DW_qiOuYUMWza”.It is to be noted that the above cheats should be used without the quotation marks. You can also use Jungle adventures 2 online hack tool which requires no jailbreak or rooted device and is completely free.Enjoy the Jungle Adventures 2 cheats…!!

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